How To Unlock Home Screen Layout in Android Phones?

How To Unlock Home Screen Layout in Android Phones

One day, you’re just trying to customize your Home screen, but Apps aren’t moving. All the widgets & apps got just stick to the place. That happens when you’ve locked the home screen layout, to unlock it, know How To Unlock Home Screen Layout in Android Phones

This article will demonstrate the possible ways for how to unlock the mobile/tablet home screen for your android device. Yet, we are covering the popular brands only. But the settings are pretty similar in all the android phones, let’s try it out.

How To Unlock Home Screen Layout (Android Phones)

So, there are two ways to unlock your home screen, you unlock it directly from the home screen or you can go to settings.

Depending on your mobile, you can use any of the methods.

#1 Unlock Directly Through Home Screen

Step-1: In Home Screen, Long Press the Screen in the Empty Space, it will Open Up the Options, there select ‘Settings’.

First step to unlock home screen layout, you need to long press the home screen

Step-2: After completing step 1, the options menu will pop up. In that select Lock Home Screen Layout by tapping on it you can lock or unlock the home screen.

Step Two, Select Option to unlock home screen

Easy, isn’t it? This method was simple enough, but this thing isn’t in your smartphone? Don’t worry, you can unlock the home screen through settings also. Just follow the steps.

#2 Unlock Layout Via Settings

Step-1: Now open the settings in your android phone. Now look for Home Screen’ in settings.

Select Home Screen in Settings

Step-2: By tapping on Home Screen, you can see the option to unlock the home screen layout (As shown in the image).

Tap on Home Screen

So, there it is you have successfully unlocked your home screen layout.

If you still haven’t found, how to do that, don’t worry. Let me give you the formula that I use to formulate the basic idea.

It doesn’t matter which Android phone you own, just go to settings, and search ‘Home Screen’, just tap on it, and find the option to lock/unlock your home screen.

I hope you found this site informative, we are willing to listen to your queries, just comment it down.

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