How to Hack a Mobile Phone to get Call Logs and SMS Details

How to Hack a Mobile Phone to get Call Logs and SMS Details?

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Back then, when there was Nokia 1100, in everybody’s hands and call rates were so high. One cannot imagine the technology we are accessing today. But the speed in the development of technology, has also picked a great speed in problems.

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Everybody uses social media, almost half of the world, in that era, there are multiple things on the internet one can see and do. And therefore, many parents, partners and employers want to have a monitoring app, that can help them in hacking a cell phone.

We have listed down spying apps and how this app works, also some methods to monitor apps without hacking.

How to Hack a Phone both Android and iOS as well as Monitor Call & SMS Details?

You can use spying apps, to monitor their internet activities or social media. But these apps often offer only paid service, and also you have to install them on the target device. However, it’s a one-time hustle. Because once you have that software in the target phone, you can spy on them anywhere from the world.

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If you don’t have physical access to the phone, you can create a malicious file, and send them a link to download, in that way you can remotely operate a mobile hack. This is the thing we have told in our recent post, check them to learn how to create malicious and do mobile hack remotely by sending link: Errorexpress.

But, if you are a parent or a partner, then you don’t need to hack their phones. You can ask them for passwords to their social media accounts, google accounts, or even for their phone. And if don’t want to know them you’re spying, try to regenerate the password when you get physical access to their phone.

List of Available Mobile Phone Spying Apps to Track Call Logs and Message Details:-


Of course, XNSPY app is one of the best industry guru when it comes to the spyware. The developers have constantly updated it, to be compatible with modern technologies. Last time, they have added an option to track WhatsApp messages.

How the app works:

  • First of all, You must install this XNSPY app for the target phone.
  • And then log in through your phone to get remote access.
  • Pricing to download this software is $8.33 and if you want the premium version $12.49.

What’s make them unique

  • They have both online and offline access also, and their rates will sound reasonable when you compare it with other spyware.

Website: XNSPY

For XNSPY- Website Home page

#2 uMobix

uMobix is known for their full grant access on the target phone, besides this uMobix is the software that doesn’t require a jailbreak in iOS phones. Real time tracking is just the cherry on the cake.

How the uMobix app works:

  • Pricing is $29.99, but they also come with a free trail, so in case if you don’t like it, cancel your subscription after the free trial.
  • Once you’ve paid the amount,  you can download and install this app on the desired target phone.
  • Then log in with that id in your device, it’s compatible with Android and iOS.

What’s make them unique

  • You’ll get real time updates of how the person is using their smartphone, at this moment.

Website: uMobix

For Umobix- Home Page

 #3 Mobile Tracker- free spying app

Mobile Tracker is one of the top free spying apps, despite being free they offer some good services like track call logs and SMS, or see their social media accounts like Facebook and WhatsApp messages.

How the App Works:

  • Create Mobile Tracker account
  • Do installation process, they have explained in the video, on their website.
  • And then log in to your phone, with the recently made accounts, and that’s it!

What’s make them unique

  • Only a few Spywares offer their service for free, in their free service they also have some good features like GPS tracking, you can give it a try!

Website: Mobile Tracker

For mobile tracker-Homepage

 #4 FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is also a reputed spyware, the good thing about this software is it’s the most advanced spyware. You can do call recording and monitoring also with this tool.

How the App Works:

  • Select your plan ($29.95/Month, Premium- $68/Month, etc)
  • Get that download on target’s phone
  • Log in and track!

What’s make them unique

  • They come with some advanced features like Geo-Fencing and Key-logger.

Website: FlexiSPY

For flexispy- Homepage

#5 mSpy

mSpy is the primarily used app, when it comes to monitoring apps on your child’s phone. In fact, we also got the chance to list this appmany times. This apps comes with good basic features and a pretty well user interface.

How the App Works:

  • By choosing any of the plans (7-day trial plan, 1 Month/$71.11, 6 Months/$239.52, etc) download the software on the target phone.
  • And then login into that account and start tracking!

What’s make them unique

  • They offer very simple and basic plans, which is liked by parents. The good thing about app is that, one can easily hack a phone without any technical knowledge.

Website: mSpy

For MSPY Website homepage


You’ve got pretty well methods to hack a mobile phone. However, in many nations, there are strict laws and punishments to disturb someone’s privacy, so let me make you aware, if you are trying to harass someone with these methods, then they have all the rights to file the case on you for this little activity.

As we have started this article from developing technology and problems, hacking is one of the problems for the tech world.

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