How to get Netflix for free forever

how to get NetFlix for free forever

Netflix is the irrefutable ruler of streaming services. You’ll enjoy awesome content which you can’t watch, At any other streaming website. This includes original movies and shows.

Due to the spike in Netflix prices, It becomes a subscription which hurts our pocket. We’ll teach you how to get Netflix for free forever. If you don’t want to pay for membership.

A Free Netflix subscription

It can’t get better for movie and tv show lovers. Saving money is our primary goal to achieve. In that effort, We create multiple accounts for the free trial to asking Netflix credentials to our friends. Just so that our entertainment should not hurt our bank account.

There is quite a lot of streaming application available on the internet. But only Netflix, Rise for victory. The collection of movies and tv shows on Netflix is unbeatable.

This is a very strong reason. Why so many people are inclined towards knowing, how to get a Free Netflix Account forever. No doubt, if you are skimming this article you also are looking for this amazing app for free.

Netflix’s presence can be felt all over the globe. It has been operating in more than 190 countries. Its success is largely attached to its offer of a free trial.

To learn how to get NetFlix for free forever

I realize this sounds stunning! And you are excited to know and learn easily how to get a Free Netflix Account in lifetime without any restrictions?

1) Make use of Free Trial

This is one of the easiest and best ways to enjoy your awesome movies and shows for free. As I have mentioned already – Netflix has an offer in which it offers a free one month trial.

This is the time when you start taking advantage of this offer.

You will enjoy unlimited movies and shows and all other content – free for a month – at the cost of zero

Undoubtedly, It’s the easiest and most effective way to enjoy Netflix for free – But what to do after one month. And how do I avail of this offer of free one month trial?

You don’t have to do anything to avail of this offer.

It’s very simple just create a free account and enter your payment credentials.

Note:-You’ll not get charged for anything in your free one-month trial period and you can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

Voila! you have availed the free one-month subscription. After registering Netflix will send you a confirmation link and their trail plan. Click on that link. Complete all the details required and grab a bucket of popcorn and hub on to your couch. And enjoy the latest movies and shows.

What should you do after your free trial is over? Well, You just have to wait if you watch Netflix regularly and are lucky. Then Netflix will send you a gift of free subscription again to your mailbox. – just so that you don’t leave the platform. Isn’t that great?

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2) The Multiple Trials Trick

You heard it right, This is possible without any legal obligation.

Although, This method requires a quite few efforts. You have to create multiple email accounts and should have a few debit/credit cards. That can bypass the payment verification method.

Pursue this nitty-gritty guide and learn how to get Netflix for free forever.

To start with, You need to create a normal free trial account. Once you have completed the whole month free subscription. You again make another Netflix trial account.

But this time you are going to use new payment details and email ID.

Start, With logging out of your previous Netflix account and make sure you clear your browsing history and cache memory. Before you create a new account.

Doing this step, Will make you look like a new customer for Netflix. Do you know what will happen after?

Yes, You’ll receive a brand new free trial to enjoy for a whole month. Or even a few more Netflix invitations for a free trial.

You can replicate this method as much as you want. It will work perfectly each time. Just make sure you are using different debit/credit cards.

If you don’t have a credit card you can also make a payment from PayPal or Gift Codes. You have quite a few options. So you don’t have to stress about it.

Please remember to clear your browsing history and clear cache. If you want to be on the secure side. Create your new account in the incognito mode of your browser.

Also, Cancel your subscription every end of the month. Although, Netflix sends you the remainder you should also have to be caution form your side.

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3) Share an already subscribed premium account

Netflix’s base plan which cost around $7.99. It only allows the user to stream content on a single device. Then there is a Standard plan where you can stream on two gadgets at a solitary time. And the last premium account, Here members can enjoy the subscription on four devices.

You should look for a premium account to subscriber or target.

You just have to look for a person usually a movie geek like you, Than you need to convince him to ask three people to come together to crowdfund this account. Once everyone contributes to this fee’s subscription. You can squeeze in and enjoy a premium account for absolutely free.

Sharing a premium account does not mean losing on your privacy or getting a weird recommendation from your friend’s previous watching history. Netflix allows you to create a new profile under one account, So you don’t have to worry that your friends will sneak what you are watching.

This is one of the easiest and most amazing ways to save a few bucks without cutting down on your entertainment.

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4) Offers from the network provider

This option is very occasional and comes with certain limits.

Mobile carriers companies in the USA like Sprint and T-mobile. And in India like Airtel. With their network subscription, you can also enjoy a free Netflix account. Like for Airtel – They offer an application called airtel XStream. Where you can enjoy different OTT services. Same for USA mobile carriers.

The T-mobile were offering free landline service and OTT with their phone service. At a cost of $100 per month.

The company starts this offer to attract customers who are looking for a free Netflix subscription. Netflix and Mobile carriers incentivize offers to attract customers and exchange revenue.

As the popularity of Netflix is increasing many big mobile companies are determined to offer different services. Apart from their normal services. Like OTT and Free subscription for Netflix.

Just do a few searches and you’ll find different offers. As Christmas is about to come, There will some JAW-DROPPING offers from mobile companies.

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5) Take use of Netflix gift cards.

Yes, you can get a Netflix gift card from multiple websites. By just doing basic tasks – Like Surveys And Downloading games.

Visit – Swagbucks (And Earn free points – Redeem them for free gift cards)

Netflix doesn’t sell their gift card. But they are available on Amazon and Walmart. And they are also quite prevalent for task-based sites that offer a gift card for rewards after you complete simple tasks.

Once you the gift card 11-digit PIN code. Then you need to visit  That’s it now once you enter the coupon code you’ll enjoy free Netflix subscription.

This is one of the easiest methods to get Free Netflix account for forever.

6) Visit coupon websites

I have listed some of the best coupon websites. You can find some good Netflix deals on these websites.

  1. DealsPlus
  2. RetailMeNot

They are free and very accurate. Coupon websites constantly looking for different offers and they update to their website. This is one of the easiest ways to find your way to free Netflix subscription.


A lot of people are giving up on television. The rise of the streaming website like Netflix is No surprise.

We are witnessing an entertainment revolution. A study suggests that Netflix has already surpassed the amount of cable TV viewers in the USA. This trend is being witnessed around the globe.

Netflix gives us the freedom to watch what-we-want and when-we-want. Compare to its counterpart cable TV it doesn’t bombard you with advertisement and also doesn’t force you to watch what-is-available to what-you-want. This is something very liberating in such a busy world.

I surely hope you find this Netflix article is really helpful for your needs and you have learned and got the result for how to get Netflix for free forever.

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