How to download FaceTime for PC

How to dowload FaceTime for PC

As a matter of fact, FaceTime is a video chat application, Developed by Apple Inc. It works for the apple environment. If you are an IOS, Mac user than you can video call for free using this application. FaceTime is supported by all Apple devices. Using this application you can make a call using Wifi or Cellular network. The application works seamlessly in the apple environment. For i.e, if you send a message from your mobile phone, you can video call to the same number through your MacBook. The only thing is that both devices should be connected with the same Apple ID. In this tutorial, You learn how to use Facetime for pc.

Download and Install FaceTime for PC

FaceTime is unfortunately not available for different operating systems, Other than the mac environment. But using a third-part software we can access FaceTime.

1) Download the bluestack emulator from here.

2) After downloading the emulator, install the software. Choose the directory, Where you would like the emulator to install.

Note: You PC should have certain criteria for installation and proper working of this software,

  • Make Sure you PC version is Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.
  • You should have ram above 2GB and above.
  • Your PC should have a webcam, If you are on the laptop then you already have one.
  • If you are using Laptop then you don’t need a mic, But if you are on PC then you need a microphone. (You can use a wired headset microphone)
  • A good internet connection is crucial for smooth video calling.

3) Once you have downloaded the software, go ahead, And open it from your desktop, Or wherever you have installed it.

4) After you open the application, The emulator will look exactly like an Android phone. So I’m sure you can find your way in.

5) Now that we are all set up, Download the FaceTime Application from here. And install It just like how you would do in your android phone.

6) Voila, you have successfully downloaded the FaceTime for PC.

Features of FaceTime

1) Funny Apple Emoji while video calling

Apple Emoji lets you change your image while video calls are live, With the use of augmented reality. Of course, Similar to snapchat, You could make funny faces, And add different backgrounds while you are having the video chat. This feature is one of the most popular on FaceTime. Moreover, a lot of people just use the app for this funny video experience.

2) Easily Block Contacts

The spam detection of the application is truly applaudable. If you are tired of prank calls and Spam messages. Then using the app could be a great alternate. You can easily block any number directly from the application. Or report the number if it’s spreading any spam.

3) Seemless Group Calls

If you are tired of buffering then FaceTime offers great group video calling features. In addition, They use servers from around the globe so the speed is always great. Their group call is so reliable that many organization uses it for a group meeting. FaceTime offers a reliable video calling feature for all of its users.

4) Call From Apple Watch

You can directly call from your apple watch. It looks so futuristic to talk to a watch. But the audio quality that you’ll get will be one of the most high quality. Because apple’s hardware and its software work very effectively together.

Alternative for Facetime

Now you can enjoy FaceTime for PC, But there is something that I want to tell you. Using the above method could be sometime harmful. Because It could slow down your PC, Or you might accidentally download a virus into your PC. Ther are many other applications that do similar things like FaceTime, And also are available on IOS, Windows, Android. These alternatives could be a great option if you are looking for a good video calling app.

1) Skype

Although this may be true, Skype is a very popular video calling software made by Microsoft. The software is free to use.

2) Zoom

Zoom is an American company that offers commercial and individuals conferring platforms.

3) Google Hangout

Google Hangout is a video chat software from google.  In fact, it has a very reliable background, As the application is powered by the mega-company.

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