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How to recall an email in outlook 2016

As a matter of fact, A recall message is referred to as an email that needed to be retrieved from the recipient. It can only be done if the other person has not yet opened his mailbox. Not only you can retrieve an email in outlook, But also replace it with a different message altogether. Many times we send an email in a rush, so for this kind of situation there is a chance to forget to add attachments in the email. With this feature, you can easily edit the message that you have sent. If you have send a message from Outlook to an employer, And have made some typo errors you can correct yourself with this simple trick. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to recall an email in outlook 2016.

To learn How to recall an email in outlook 2016?

1) The desktop version of the outlook is straightforward, So this works for all the new versions. Visit the email that you have sent in your outlook mailbox. Look at the folder panel, and you’ll see an open of sent items folder, Click on that.

outlook 2016 sent items folder

2) Then you can choose the desired message that you really want to recall or replace. You can open the email very easily just by double-clicking on it. If you have selected the message for the reading panel then you can’t able to recall the message from your outlook 2016 and other kind of versions.

outlook sent items email

3) Find the Message Tab, On your panel of the outlook. In there, you’ll find an option called Actions.

action option outlook

4) If you are on the older version this might be different for you. Once you find the Actions button in your outlook version then, you can click on it.

You’ll find an option of recalling the message.

recall this message outlook

If you want to recall a message you can choose the option “Delete unread copies of the message“.

delete unread copies of this message

On the other hand, if you need to recall this message as well as you need to edit for your previous mail and add any attachments or putting more information’s required here then you can choose “Delete unread copies and replace with a new message“.

delete unread copies and replace with a new messages

edit recall message

Note:- In fact, if you want to know success or failure status of your current recall messages then check this option “Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each receipt” for that recall dialog box. By default this option is selected for this dialog box. if you don’t want this intimation then unchecked this option.

After all done just click the “OK” button here. Once you do that, You message will be recalled.

Things To Remember

1) If you are unable to recall the message, Then the organization might have blocked through the administrative account. Another reason for this issue would be that you don’t have an exchange account.

2) Identically, If your message is protected by Azure Information Protection, Then also you cannot able to recall the email from your Microsoft outlook 2016 and other earlier versions.

3) Make sure you do this from the desktop app, Because if you try to recall the message from the web version. You won’t find the above instruction relevant. Because the outlook doesn’t allow you to use the web version to recall the email.

4) After the last step, You’ll encounter a new dialogue box, In which, You’ll be asked for whether you want the sent email to delete the unread message that you have sent. Or would you like to replace the old message with a new email, Or attach any new information to it; Whatever your need is, just choose one and click OK.

5) We are done; if you want to just delete the message from the recipient mailbox, But Incase if you want to make any changes. Then you need to replace the old message. And compose a new version of the message from the outlook itself. Recheck you email and once your are satisfied Send the message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my recall anonymous or will the recipient know about It?

In some cases, A notification will be sent to the recipient about the recall of the message. And In some cases, no notification is sent. It depends on the outlook.

How to know if the message is recalled successfully?

You will receive a confirmation message from the outlook. If you have successfully recalled the message from the recipient. The same happens if you have replace the message.

What happens If the message fails to recall?

In some cases, If the sender outlook doesn’t function properly or is broken, Then you might not able to recall the message, Nor receive any confirmation from the outlook.

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