How to install homebrew on mac

How to install homebrew on mac

If you are looking to install homebrew on mac, Then I’m pretty sure that you heard about this amazing open-source software. If you have face difficulties installing Software on your mac, Homebrew will make your life quite easy. Homebrew, in a nutshell, Lets you install software that was quite not possible with mac Xcode and Linux command line.

As a matter of fact, it works great with ruby on rails. And it’s absolutely free. Windows always have a very open-source type environment. Indeed the software itself is licensed. But the community has been making many Add-ons that are particularly helpful to the developers. Mac always lacks Add-ons that homebrew bridge that gap.

Why Homebrew

Advance developers on the Mac system, Want more from the apple environment. In that effort, they look for new alternate software. But to install them on mac, May not always be compatible. In a lot of cases, users need to define many permissions and still not able to install the software. Homebrew is a great help to those advanced developers working in the Linux and Mac environments.

Prerequisites for homebrew

  • A 64-bit machine is required to install the software.
  • The macOS should be 10.14 or above.
  • You need to install command-line tools from Appstore.
  • You should know a bit about command line using bash and zsh.

Steps to install Homebrew on mac

If you meet with all the prerequisites, You won’t be going to encounter any difficulties in the installation of the homebrew onto you mac.

Step 1 – Open your terminal and enter the following command.

/usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL

Note: After the successful installation of the homebrew, You can check for documentation of the software for any new commands and updates.

Find the packages and casks

brew search <name of the package>

Command for listing packages

brew list

How to install package

brew install <name of the package>

How to remove the package

brew remove <name of the package>

How to install cask

brew cask install <name of the cask>

Note: The installation of cask and packages depends upon the computer speed. As well as the internet speed on which you are running the program.

How to list all installed cask

brew cask list

How to Remove cask

brew cask remove <name of the cask>

How to uninstall Homebrew

Once you have installed the software for your mac. But later faced any issue or just want to uninstall the software. You can easily do so with a simple program that runs on ruby on rails.

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"


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