Know how to use WhatsApp on PC without smartphone

how to use WhatsApp on PC without smartphone

Have you ever wondered if you could use Android apps like WhatsApp on PC? There must be some way of chatting on the PC which certainly guarantees a better experience when the chat window opens on a bigger screen. It can help in sharing files, viewing pictures and videos without any lag as you are given the desktop-grade resources for these jobs. The products that can help you in using WhatsApp on PC without a smartphone are termed as Android emulators.

The use of an Android emulator can help you understand how to use WhatsApp on PC without a smartphone. There are certain emulators like BlueStacks, etc. which are available on PlayStore.

Learn how to use Whatsapp on PC without a smartphone

There are various ways to use Whatsapp on PC. We bring you the pros and cons of each of these ways using which you can decide which method will be the best one to install the app on PC without a smartphone.

1.Using BlueStacks

As a matter of fact, BlueStacks is an application that creates an Android-like environment in the PC. To use BlueStacks, one has to first download and install it. To download it, open the browser of the computer. Reach to the site On reaching the site, click on the Download BlueStacks button. This starts with the downloading process. Once downloading is complete, the instructions for installing the BlueStacks appear. In a few clicks, the application appears as an icon. You can click the icon to install Whatsapp from the list of applications enlisted there.

To start Whatsapp, you need to enter the phone number. You can enter the Home Phone Number if you are not having a smartphone. Since the code will not be possible to get this way, let this attempt go futile and choose the option ‘call me’. The automated message on the landline number will play. It will contain the verification code which you can enter in the pop-up screen. This is how you can run Whatsapp on your computer screen without requiring to buy a smartphone.

Pro using Bluestacks in PC:

You do not need a mobile phone for having Whatsapp on your computer

Cons for using Bluestacks in PC:

In fact, the process involves downloading of one application to run another. It certainly takes time and consumes resources too.

2.Install Android SDK

To install the Android SDK, one needs to go to install Android Studio on the PC. It requires downloading and .exe file. Once downloaded, double-click on this file to launch it. After launching, you are provided with a set-up wizard. This makes the process of downloading Android studio a matter of a few clicks. Once installed, it provides the list of SDK packages and selects the preferred package for you.

So, once the package is installed, it prompts you to use the Android Virtual Device. Once AVD boot is complete, you can go to the Google search bar. You can type Whatsapp in the search bar and follow the account opening process from there. For verification purposes, use a home phone number instead of the mobile number. This is how it becomes possible to use WhatsApp on your pc without a smartphone.

Pro to install Android SDK in PC:

Of course, You will not require a mobile phone.

Cons to Install Android SDK in PC:

Identically, it is a lengthier process, thus, it takes time; it also consumes the resources a lot.

Knowing how to use Whatsapp on PC without a smartphone can be a nice option when you do not want to buy a mobile phone only for chatting purposes. It also helps in chatting with the workmates on a bigger screen if the medium of sharing project details is Whatsapp.

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