To Learn How To Get Unlimited Storage On Android

How To Get Unlimited Storage On Android

Things You Need To Know About How To Get Unlimited Storage On Android Today

Whatever phone I use, it seems like I am out of memory. Play Store Updates, Offline Map Data, Games, Photos, Music – Jano, it is on my phone and takes up a lot of space. I know I am not alone, so I thought I would write this guide on how to end the storage problem once and for all. Besides slowing down your mobile phone, it saturates your storage space, it can also prevent your phone from updating apps and taking new pictures, among others. Follow these steps and you get some idea about how to get unlimited storage on your Android smartphone so far. (If you need to download paid Android apps and custom mobile app development then you can check out those articles.)

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is the desktop client for Microsoft’s online storage application with the same name. It is a smart tool that gives you free cloud storage. For added flexibility, Microsoft OneDrive offers additional applications for Mac, iOS, and Android. It is is easy to use as well. It provides a large number of online storage and good integration with Windows Live.

GMX  (For Web apps)

GMX provides free email service with unlimited storage. Less known than other email services such as Gmail, GMX offers several additional features that make it a solid option. Social network integration automatically adds contact information; storage is never a problem, and it protects emails privately. The main drawback is the high level of advertising that can quickly become frustrating and annoying. Beyond this problem, GMX offers a solid basic service good for those who need large storage or are not happy with the leaders of the email account market.

Ever-Free Photo storage

Ever – Free Storage is an amazing app for Android on the Google Play Store. In general, Ever-Free offers unlimited storage so that you can able to save all high-resolution problems without any issues. Additionally, here provide an option to import photos from all social media’s like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, etc. It makes automatic backup copies of the photos on your device. It provides space for unlimited photos and videos.

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is a cloud storage solution in which you can store your files. It offers the option to store your music, photos, videos, and documents remotely and locally. When you store your files locally on your mobile device or computer, then maybe chances to get out of storage problems, the phone hangs issues, applications misbehave due to lack of storage memories, etc. If you store your files remotely on Amazon servers, you can recover them on any device, if you have your login information.

Next Cloud

There is another application, called Nextcloud and it is a free application used to access the data on an unlimited number of devices. Moreover, it offers the ability to store data on their servers, physical disks or a combination of both. Also, it offers a variety of unconventional privacy and security features. Although there are simpler options for online storage and retrieval, this application is the best choice because of its promise to give security and community involvement. Moreover, Feel free to check out how to use android applications for computer and some of email tracking tools article links here.



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