How to Make WhatsApp Conference Call

How to Make WhatsApp Conference Call

Every call has stories, memories and a lot of memorable moments that you build for the future. There are certain things in life that look pretty small but give you more happiness than any luxury in the world can. Staying close and connected to my loved ones keeps me happy and contented. I’m sure you might have a very similar story too seeking whose answer you are here today. Trust me the feeling is something I have gone through as well, a few years ago.

Staying away from home, I am very well known to the homesick feeling. Being a kid with a dad with transferable jobs gave me a lot of experiences in life. but left friends on the way as I kept moving ahead. With family members and friends, all in different parts of the country always kept reunions at the end of the world. Even a group call could just turn you from riches to rags, with the international calling rates.

That’s when the idea of group calls over Whatsapp struck and that’s when I realized that distances are reduced by your will not be traveling. And there we were, laughing insanely, recounting those childhood incidents. It was one of those days when I was new to Whatsapp and maybe looking for some similar answers. But that one conference call on Whatsapp made my day. So, in order to make your journey on Whatsapp smooth, I’ll guide you through the process of getting a Whatsapp conference call. but there are a few things that you must take care of before you start complaining of the malfunctions:

How to Make WhatsApp Conference Call with your family and friends

-Notably, There can be a maximum of four members on the Whatsapp conference call. Each with Whatsapp installed in their phones and functioning accounts.

-Since the sole principle of Whatsapp calls is to operate via the internet. So make sure everyone has a good internet connection. A little lag on the internet can screw up the conference call really bad. As there will be multiple users, the disturbance is likely to be high if there is a connection error of even one of the members.

The calling process begins with one user and only this one user can add or subtract members to the conference.

Step one: At first, To connect a conference call on Whatsapp, all the members in the conference must also be a part of a Whatsapp group. Then select the group that has all the contacts that you want to call at a conference.

Step two: Next, tap the call option at the top right corner of the screen.

Step three: Moreover, add all the two/three members that you want to have a conference call with.

And you connected to your most awaited WhatsApp conference call now!

While on a conference call, there must be a video icon as well. Depending on your needs choose the mode of conference communication you want, be it audio or video. It just took three simple and easy steps and there you go, traveling thousands of kilometers in just seconds.

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