How to Save a Video from Facebook Messenger for PC/iPhone/Android


To Learn How to Save a Video for Facebook Messenger on Computer, iPhone & Android

Of course, if you are the active user in social media then you must know the Facebook messenger. It’s not only chatting with text messages, audio and video call with someone. Nowadays, Fb messenger added more features like making your own themes and colors, fun AR effects, downloading many more stickers, money transfer for your friends as well as your families.

On the other hand, while chatting with your fb friends, they will share some exciting video on Facebook.  Obviously, you can able to watch these videos happily. But when you want to download your friends shared videos from Facebook messenger then it’s big headache here.

Identically, there are two ways of possible videos you received on Facebook messenger.

1) Your friend or others directly upload and share with you.

2) Your friend or others share with someone else Facebook videos.

For the first case, your Facebook friend directly upload video for their mobile camera roll or computer and share with you together. So that you can able to download this video without any hesitation.

At the same time, when your lovable friend share with someone uploaded videos means you have no option to download directly to your local storage. However, Facebook allows save the video but download restricted.

Don’t worry if you are in trouble! By the way, here is the tutorial that helps to Save a Video from Facebook Messenger on Android and iOS device or Computer.

How to Download Directly Uploaded Videos from your Facebook Messenger  

Although this may be true, if you received videos that can uploaded directly, then Facebook provide save video option here.

Save Direct Videos on your Android Phone/IOS 

Step-1: First of all, Open with your Facebook Messenger Application on your iPhone/ Android Devices.

Open the Facebook messenger application

Step-2: Then, you can open the appropriate conversation who shared the video for your messenger app.

open the Facebook messenger conversation

Step-3: Hereafter, tap and hold on that video 2 to 3 secs. You will see the option reply, save video, forward and remove.

Find the direct shared video

List of Messenger options

Step-4:  Click “Save Video” option here. (For security purpose, your phone may ask file access permission. if they ask like this you can click the allow option. otherwise it’s not necessary.)

click the save video option

Step-5: That’s it. The video is downloaded from your Android/iOS local phone storage.

saved video in phone storage

Step-6: By default, the messenger saved videos are stored in the below file path:-

Phone Storage/ Movies/ Messenger/<filename.mp4>  

default Facebook messenger video download path

Step-7: So that you can browse and find this video for the above file path on your phone file explorer.

(Note: – The screenshot I provided here that can taken by the android phone. This process is similar to the iPhone device too.)

Save Direct Videos on your Computer

Step-1: Firstly, open and login your Facebook from any web browser.

Open the Facebook homepage

Step-2: Hereafter you can click the Messenger icon in the top right corner.

Messenger icon conversations screen

Facebook click the messenger icon

Step-3: Then, opens the conversation. It will show the popup window located in the bottom right side corner.

Facebook Popup Chat Window

Step-4: Next, once you find the appropriate video, click on that video of  your mouse in 2 times continuously until the video will show the full screen.

Find the conversation for Facebook Direct Video

Facebook Video Full Screen Page

Step-5: Now the video will play on the big screen. You can find the download icon here. Usually it’s located in the top right corner you can refer the image below. Once you found, click this download icon.

Facebook Video Download Icon

Step-6: Then, video will stored in the browser’s default download location. Afterwards, you can find the video downloads folder and if you want, move with this video to your desired folder.

Facebook Download Videos Stored in Local Computer Storage

Saved video storage location on computer

How to Save Shared Videos on Facebook Messenger  

As was previously stated, shared video download option not available on Facebook Messenger. But it’s not impossible. Sounds good I am right? Here you can learn some tricky ways to download shared videos without any interruption.

Download  Shared Videos on your Android/IOS Device

Step-1: In the same manner, open the messenger on your smart phone.

Step-2: Afterwards, open the conversation first and find the shared video link.

Open the Facebook conversation page

Step-3: Notably, you can able to watch this video, but Facebook won’t allow to download this kind of shared videos directly. So the next tricky step is you can click on the original Facebook video link here and open it on your Facebook application.

click the Facebook shared video link

Open the Facebook video application

Step-4:  Now you can see the relevant video will play on the Facebook page.

Facebook original video page

Step-5: This is the most important step. You can click the three dotted line icon.

click the three dotted line icon

Step-6: Now it will show the several options. You can click the “copy link” option here.

copy the Facebook video link

Step-7: So that your link is successfully copied to click board.

Step-8: Close/minimize this Facebook app. In further, Open the mobile browser on your smart phone. (Note: – The below screenshots I am taken by the chrome mobile browser. In case if you not have chrome, then you can use other browsers and follow the same steps. )

Step-9: Open the below en save from net link to your browser:-

Open en save from net homepage in mobile

Step-10: Next, you find the “Paste your video link” text box. Then, you can paste the Facebook video copy link and click the download icon. (It’s already copied via Facebook. So just double tab this text box and click the paste option here).

Paste the Facebook save video link here

Click the video Download icon

Step-11: Yup! You see now “Download MP4” button. Click on this button.

Download video using Download Mp4 button

Step-12: Now you see the browser “Download” button. In case, if you need to change the location you can change and click finally click this Download button.

Browser download button

Step-13: In addition, Browse this video path on file explorer.

(Apply the above all steps same for the IOS device that helps to save video from Facebook messenger)

(Note:- If you do not have any default file explorer for your Android/IOS, then download play store/app store for your device compatible file explorer there.)

Download Facebook Shared Videos on your Computer

Step-1: At first, Open the Facebook on any browsers for your desktop/PC.

Open the Facebook on Browser window

Step-2: Then after you can find the “Messenger icon” on top right corner and click on it.

Messenger Icon Screen

Step-3: It shows the Facebook chat screen. You can find the shared video for relevant conversation here.

Find the Facebook Shared Video

Step-4: Next, you can double click that Facebook video.

Facebook full screen page on computer

Step-5: Afterwards, find the three dot icon on top right corner.

Three Dot Line Icon

Step-6: Here you can see the list of many video options. You can click the “Copy link” options.

List of Facebook video options

use the copy link option

Step-7: It shows the links copied notification. So that you can ensure the video link is copied to clipboard.

Video Links copied notification

Step-8: Next, click and open the below link for your computer browser.

Open the en save from net website

Step-9: For this website textbox paste the copied Facebook video link.

Copy link in en save from net website textbox

Step-10: Then click on the “Download” button. After you can wait for some minutes. It can process your request.

Step-11: Finally, click the “Download MP4” button. Now you can successfully save videos from Facebook to Computer.

Click the Download MP4 button and save the Facebook shared video

(Note:- As a matter of fact, your Facebook videos download to the default web browser download folder. If you wish to change the download path, look in the browser settings.)

Alternative third party site to download Facebook videos: 

If en save from net website not working to download Facebook videos?

Don’t worry. You can visit the below link and save fb videos for any time: –

By the same token, copy the URL link from Facebook and paste here. homepage

Afterwards, you can download this video with your desired quality size.

Download Facebook shared video in site with desired size

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