How to fix “This accessory may not be supported charger ” issues

How to fix “this accessory may not be supported charger ” issues

This accessory may not be supported  issues | Fix this issue with the below simple steps


This accessory may not be supported  issues

If something goes wrong with your iPhone charger, you will face these types of errors. The major reasons for this include any physical damage to the charger or the cable. Mostly, when the port’s protection holding edge gets knocked, the bunch of thin silver color wires will be visible. If you look like above, probably it might be the reason. Check the device’s charging port and clean it once.

When you use a different or non-compatible brand adapter to charge your iOS device, this error may get displayed. So, better always use the original apple branded cable and adapter.

Even software issues will also play roles in this type of errors.

So, you need to check both hardware and software carefully.

Due to software problems, this dialogue will be popped up frequently.

So, here I have listed a few methods to resolve this error.

Method-1): Updating the software

If the error “ this accessory may not be supported charger “ is due to any software-related stuff, this method will probably resolve. Updating the software to the latest version will resolve many issues persisting. So, I hope it will help you. Devices with iOS versions 11, 12, 13 are facing this mostly.

Step-1): First of all you can simply open your iOS device and then you can navigate to your device Settings.

Step-2): Next, Go to General and search for software Update at the bottom of the list.

Step-3): Then you can check and ensure for the latest updates and if your device is not up to the date of the new version then update to the latest version here.

 (While you are updating the latest firmware, make sure that you have sufficient battery to do it)

Method-2): Rebooting/Resetting the network settings

If the above method fails to rectify the error this accessory may not be supported  issues, go with this. This method is also related to software errors. Sometimes, due to uneven connections, the supported charger may also shown as a defective one.

Resetting the network settings will clear and rectify all the current default settings.

For iPhone 10 or higher versions.

Step-1): Firstly, You can take your device and hold the device power button along with the volume up/down button.

Step-2): Slide to power off will pop up after a few seconds. Take the action and power off.

Step-3): Then, turn it on again after a minute. Then, try charging the mobile.

For iPhone users with 10 or lowers versions.

Step-1): Press the power at the top with any volume button.

Step-2): And it’s the same, slide the power off to shut it down.

Step-3): Turn it on and then check if the error still persisting or fixed.

Usually, software glitches get fixed simply after rebooting.

Method-3): Factory Reset ( May help any software issues and fixes accessory issue)

This method won’t suit all but the people who don’t have more important files. Anyways this method isn’t recommended all the way. Moreover, if you want to follow this method, it will delete all of the previous data stored on your iPhone.

Step-1): At first, Open your iPhone device and then navigate to Settings here.

Step-2): After that go to General and scroll totally to the bottom.

Step-3): Afterwards, you can select the Reset and then choose to Erase all content and settings options.

Step-4): Next, Enter your device valid passcode to proceed.

Step-5): Once if you decided to take this action, confirm it and proceed.

Method-4): Buy Original Branded Apple Charger

Of course, sometimes “this accessory may not be supported charger” issue that happens when we using damaged/defect charging cable. So, the first thing is kindly check your charger is properly working or not. On the other hand, the problem persists in your device charger, don’t buy the cheapest incompatible brands. Better you can buy the official iPhone/IPad cable.

Method-5): Check Charging Port

Although this may be true, the charging port can cause this kind of issue. By the way, cleaning your charging port may help to resolve this problem. At the same time, you must handle very carefully when you are doing manually for this. Use the proper equipment to clean this port dust. Otherwise, go to the Apple authorized service center and they will help you regarding this.

Method-6): Restart your device first

Maybe some software glitches that can cause this “accessory may not be supported charger” problem. So that you can close your all running applications and other activities, then put into the Airplane Mode. Afterward, you can restart your device and check your charger again.

Method-7): Plug the Charger Perfectly

Before you try this all of the above methods, make sure once your iPhone/iPad charger can plug correctly. In case if you put your charger cable incorrectly, then almost your problem solved. In further, you don’t need to worry about this charger issue.

So, I hope the above methods helped you in rectifying the error . If it still persists, better go to apple care and ask them to check the charging port. It may hurt your pockets more. But, you have to go ahead.

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