How to fix this site can’t be reached problem

10 ways to fix this site can’t be reached problem

When you are trying to visit a website, often chrome shows you an error as ‘This site can’t be reached’. Many facts can trigger the error. Though it’s a very common error and most of the google chrome users may face this error but don’t have any idea about how to fix this site can’t be reached problem. If you are also searching for a solution then you are in the right place. This article will make you aware of the solution.

The main reason behind this error is the DNS lookup and firewall. DNS (Domain Name System) is the network address of a website with which you can find the website over the internet. Failing of DNS can occur in this type of errors. This can because of unstable internet connection or a misconfigured internet.  The one more reason behind this error can be firewall may not allowing google to load the webpage.

However, it does not matter why the chrome browser reflects that error. All we need is a permanent solution to the problem. Here we have discussed a few steps which will give idea of how to fix this site can’t be reached problem permanently to freely visit your desired website.

10 ways to fix this site can’t be reached problem

Hack-1: Reset the Chrome Browser Settings

1) To reset the chrome settings, then first go to the chrome browser and tap the three-dot icon on the top right corner.

Chrome click the three dot icons (burger menu)

2) Select settings from the drop-down options.

Chrome settings option

3) Now in the settings page click on the advanced settings option.

Google chrome advanced option (Advance settings)

4) Among the advanced option choose reset settings from the Reset and Cleanup option. Click the reset button to get the chrome in default settings.

Chrome reset settings underneath reset and clean up menu

Hack-2: Clear all Browsing History, Cache and Cookies from the browser

1) In the same manner, go to the three-dot more option from the browser.

Chrome click the three dot icons (burger menu)

2) Click more tools and tap on the clear browsing data option. While deleting browsing history choose the All-time as the time range.

Chrome tools options to click the clear browsing data

3) Now agree to the check boxes to clear Cookies and cached images.

4) Once you have checked the boxes click the clear data option.

Clear all browsing data or clear data within selected range

Hack-3: Restart the DNS

1) Go to the windows command prompt.

Windows system command prompt

2) Type ‘netsh stop dnscache’ and click enter to stop the DNS service.

3) Now, wait for a few seconds to give the command prompt time to stop the service.

4) Again type ‘netsh start dnscache’ and click enter to restart the service on the machine.

Perform Net start stop dns cache commands in command prompt

Hack-4: Reset your Wi-Fi Modem

Resetting your Wi-Fi router is quite easy. You easily do it manually. But before resetting it make sure that you have all the account information to configure your router after a reset.

1) Unplug the internet LAN wire from the router.

2) Now find the reset button as the backside of the router. Once you get this press and hold it for 10 seconds.

Press and Hold Reset the Wifi modem

3) Once you release the reset button you can plug in the internet LAN.

4) Once your router shows the internet connection, connect it with your device and configure your router by providing the account information.

Hack-5: Reset IPv4 DNS Address

1) First up all go to the control panel in your windows systems.

2) Then you can open the view network status and tasks.

3) Select the change adapter option on the left side of the screen.

Change adapter settings in windows control panel

4) Double-tap on the internet connection option.

5) Now open the Internet Protocol Version 4 properties.

Internet Protocol Version 4 properties setting

6) Enter a new DNS address

Preferred DNS Server:; Alternate DNS Server:

7) Now click the validate settings.

Hack-6: Delete and install the Network Adapter Drivers

1) Open the ‘My Computer’ option and select the manage option.

Windows my computer manage option

2) Click on the device manager and select the network adapters.

3) Uninstall your network connection by right-clicking your network.

Uninstall the network connections

4) Now restart your PC. Once you restart your PC then the driver will automatically get installed.

Hack-7: Reset TCP/IP

1) Find the command prompt on search bar. Right click the command prompt option and click on Run as Administrator.

Command Prompt run as administrator for windows

2) Type ‘netsh in tip reset’ and hit the enter button to run.

3) Now the command prompt will run over the command prompt.

Hack-8: Reinstall chrome browser

1) Firstly, Uninstall the existing chrome application from your device.

Uninstall the current google chrome version

2) Delete all the application data from your computer.

3) Download and install the latest version of Chrome.

Hack-9: Reset Google Chrome profile sync

1) In like manner, go to Google chrome first.

2) Then you can open the google dashboard website.

3) Click on the reset sync.

Hack-10: Disable all the chrome extensions

1) In your chrome browser, click on More icon >Select more tools >select extensions.

2) Disable all the extensions one by one.

Manually disable all the google chrome extensions

3) Select the extension which occurring error and remove it.

These was few simplest and the easiest steps that will help you to know How to fix this site can’t be reached error. So now you can access your desired website without any error popups.

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