To Learn How to Change Facebook Business Page Name

To Learn How to Change Facebook Business Page Name

Important to realize that Facebook is the best free social media business platform in all over the world. Of course, this is not just for interacting with peoples. You can able to here promoting your branded products that help to lead small business so efficiently. In this digital marketing world, competition is so high.

In order to overcome your competitors, then you can interact business for Facebook and Instagram. Identically, if you are the business admin sometimes you need to change your Facebook page name for several reasons. So, this tutorial helps to step by step demonstration of how to change your Facebook business page name in both mobile and computer.

Simple Procedure for how to change Facebook business page name

Before you are updating the business page name, make sure you have the admin rights to make these changes. Because Facebook allows to rename your page only for page admins.

Change Facebook Business Page Name for Desktop/PC

1) Login the Proper Facebook Account  

Firstly, you can open the windows web browser.

Next, Login for your official Facebook page.

Open the facebook application on computer web browser

2) Open your Facebook Business Page

Then, you can click on the “Pages” option for Facebook top left side. Usually it’s underneath the personal profile page link.

Facebook business page option

Note: – You can see now list of Facebook business pages. In case, you created only one page you can see now that page. On the other hand, if you cannot find any business pages here, then your Facebook page doesn’t  belong to this Facebook account.

3) Find your page settings

Afterwards, click on your proper Facebook page here.

Click Facebook business page

Next, On the top left side to scroll your mouse bar and find the “Page Info” option.

Open the Facebook Proper business page

Edit page info option on Facebook page

4) Change the business page name and confirm

In further, it will show the “Edit Page Info” section of this Facebook right section column.

Edit page Info page

Then, you can enter the name in this text-box and click the outside column.

Update the new page name

Hereafter, it will show the “Confirm Name Change Request Prompt”.  This prompt shows the current and new page name. At finally, you can click the “Request Change” button here.

Confirm the name change using request change option

That’s it for all. Facebook team will review your page name updated request after get to back to you as soon as possible. Actually, reviews can take 2 to 3 business days. Be patient. Once done, they will notify to you.

Change Facebook Business Page For Mobile

Note: – In 2020, For using newer versions of Facebook apps, we can’t able to change the Facebook business name in Mobile Phone. It will always show “Content Not Found“.

Content Not found error n mobile Facebook App

Step-1: First of all, you can open the Facebook application on your smart phone.

Step-2: Then after you can click on the burger menu (three dotted line) on the top right corner.

Step-3: Next, click the your pages option. (In this screenshot it shows your 7 pages. because I have 7 Facebook different pages. So don’t confuse for that.)

Step-4: In a further, find the Facebook business page you want to change the name here.

Step-5: Then click on it.

Step-6: Here underneath the page title you see the page, resource & tools, Facebook ads option. So that you scroll this menu horizontally. Find the option named “…More” and click on it.

Step-7: Afterwards, scroll down this screen and click the “Edit Page Info” option underneath the Page Controls section.

Step-8: Then, the Update Page Info page shows on your mobile screen. For this About section, click the Name field here.

Step-9: Update the name and submit here.

Having Trouble Changing the Business Name?

Surprisingly, if you unable to update the Facebook page name, it might be the below issues.

1) As was previously stated, ensure once again, you are the right page admin for this business page?

2) Your page has more business owners, then another Facebook admin may update these changes currently.

3) Your page was misleading/against the Facebook community standards.

4) Page title may not acceptable cases.

5) You don’t have a proper page role/rights to make this name change.

Limitations of Facebook Page Name Request

As a matter of fact, Page name can change only to allow every 7 days (once per week). Keep in mind, once you are getting a new name approve, you wait at least  7 days after only you requested to the other one.

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