How to have one name on Facebook

How to have one name on Facebook

Are you not finding your full name cool on Facebook profile? Do you want to set a single word name or your first name to reflect on your profile? If you don’t know how to have one name on Facebook, then here you can find your answer.

How to have one name on Facebook? Is it possible or not?

Though Facebook does not allows users to reflect or set a single name for the user from most of the countries. But nothing is impossible if somehow it is possible over the internet. You can access and use the server of any country so the only thing you have to perform this by choosing the supported country server. For Indian users, it can be done by changing the language as well. So it is time to feel like a hacker.

Follow the simple steps to set a single name on your FB profile.-

Hack-1: Set single name on Facebook in India

Step-1: Firstly, open Google Chrome from your device. (Chrome allows people to translate the page in English form any language. Turn it on before you go with the process. )

Step-2: Then you can go to the mobile webpage of Facebook.

Facebook mobile homepage

Step-3: Click the three-lined navigation option on the top right corner of the page. That will lead you to the more options of your profile.

Mobile three dot line icon in facebook

Step-4: Scroll down and find the Language option from the Help & Settings.

Facebook language option for help&settings

Step-5: Now set your default language as Tamil. (If you don’t know the Tamil language, from here you have to follow the icons or take another person’s account as a reference.)

Facebook language preference changed to tamil

Step-6: Now go to the account settings in the same list of languages.

Facebook mobile account settings

Step-7: Click on the general settings which come with a double gear option.

Double clear settings icon in Tamil text font

Step-8: The first option from your general settings shows your name. Click on that.

Step-9: Now remove your last name from here or you can change your first name also. Once you entered your single word name click on the continue button.

Facebook first name and last name fields

Step-10: Here Facebook will ask your account password. Enter the password and hit the save changes button.

Step-11: Now again change your Facebook language as English followed by the 4th

Now you have successfully changed your full name on Facebook with a single word name.

Hack-2: Set single name on Facebook from any country

Step-1: Download any VPN application to connect to other country’s servers or use proxy VPN sites.

Secure VPN applications search for google play store

Step-2: Then connect the Indonesian server from the list of VPN.

Step-3: Open your Facebook from the web or app and apply the default process of changing your name. (Note:- Follow 6th – 10th steps of the previous hack).

Facebook name change warning message

Ahh! Feeling like a hacker! Whatever now you know how to have one name on Facebook. Having a single name on Facebook makes it more attractive to look at. When you are changing your name keep in mind that once you are changing your name for once you cannot change it again for the next 60 days. So make sure you are entering the right spelling of your name and also you really want a single name on your Facebook profile.

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