How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently Without Waiting 14 days

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently Without Waiting 14 days

Are you no longer using Facebook? Is it creating any problem or misleading in your daily routine life? Or are you not interested to use the social media applications like Facebook?

So if you never want to log in your Facebook account and want to delete it just now. You just follow the steps to learn delete your social media Facebook account permanently without delay 14 days and so on.

Why Facebook takes 14 days to delete your account permanently?

Once you deactivate your account Facebook takes at least 14 days to make the process to be completed. Previously that period was of 30 days. The Facebook waits for 14 days to confirm that you are really want to delete your account. It helps to protects users from hackers. If anyone having your password and accidentally on intentionally deletes your account. You can save your account by just logging in within 14 days.

You are too much offended with Facebook and want to delete it just now? Frankly there is no such ethical way to do that except few users. This collapse time totally depends on Facebook. If you are a new user it might not take 14 days to delete your account.

Alternative of deleting your account permanently

There is one alternative of delegating your account permanently. You can deactivate your account until you change your mind. Deleting your account permanently erases all your data from the cloud of Facebook after a certain period. So it will be too difficult to get it back once you change your mind. So you can deactivate your account for few days or years. Doing so you will be disabled from the Facebook cloud no one can see your account there but your data will be saved in the cloud.

To Learn Step by Step Instruction for How to deactivate your Facebook Account?

#1. First up all, you can go to the drop down option (for desktop browser) or three line menu (for Android or iOS) and click on the Settings here.

#2. Then after go to Security Settings and choose the option Deactivate Your Account from the chart.

Facebook settings option for android and computer screen

For Android app, go to Account details > Manage account.

deactivate option in Facebook manage account

#3. If you want to leave from Facebook world, you can must confirm why you are leaving here. So that you can provide a proper reason here.

Facebook deactivation reason screen

#4. Once you are done with this your account is no longer available on search list of Facebook. You can restore your account easily when you want.

If still you want to delete your account permanently follow the listed simple steps to do it easily.

To Learn how to delete Facebook account permanently without waiting for 14 days and more?

#1. Firstly, Log in to your Facebook account if you are not previously logged in.

as usual Facebook login page screen

#2. Then Go to settings and after you can hit on help.

#3. In Further you can Search How to permanently delete my account?

#4. Anyhow, You can skip 2nd and 3rd step just by clicking the direct link below.

Please click on this direct link to Delete Facebook Account Permanently.

#5. Now confirm the popup screen with all details that it’s you and you don’t want to restore it again.

#6. A new pop up screen will appear, click Delete My Account to continue the process.

Facebook personal profile permanent delete account

#7. One another screen will appear to confirm you really want to delete the account permanently. Here you need to Enter your Password and Solve the Captcha.

Permanent deleted Facebook account password and captcha code

#8. Once you done with the process, it is completed from your end. A popup will appear with a message saying that you can reactivate your account by logging in within 14 days.

Facebook permanent delete account confirmation screen

#9. If you are still instanced to delete the account permanently don’t log in it again.

#10. Facebook will send you an activation link. Clicking the link you can cancel the deleting process anytime within these 14 days. Avoid that also.

Delegating your account permanently usually it takes 14 days to complete the process also it can take 30 days sometimes. Though it depends on Facebook and how long you are connected with them. So now you know and learn all guides for how to delete your Facebook account permanently without waiting for 14 days and all. Deleting the account in before 14 days is nothing but a myth. Now say goodbye to Facebook but the truth is wait for 14 days at least.

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