How to Change Age On Tinder?

How to Change Age On Tinder

Now keeping your age right on tinder app is very easy and includes just few steps only.  Stay safe on this wonderful app and set your age as per your wish.

Want to be honest on this dating app? Then set your right age or change it as you wish. So now just use these easy steps to adjust your age. Of course, you will do more easily through Facebook account that you can change your date of birth here then it will reflected for your linked tinder account. It means when you change your age on Facebook profile means it will automatically change tinder also.

Steps to change Tinder Age through Facebook 

#1. You just have to open up Facebook profile on your phone in Android or iPhone.

#2. Click on MENU option and a window with options will open. Tap the section or option ABOUT and this you can locate beside Photos and option Friend.

#3. Then tap on MORE and update DOB or Date of Birth Day. If your age is changed from Facebook account then, this associated Tinder profile age is automatically changed here.

Also, you can able to this change from BASIC INFO. From EDIT option you can change all details about yourself.

Now after scrolling down just save it with SAVE option. But now to get it affected on Tinder you have to either delete your tinder account or hide it.

Only sometimes it can be done by pause the account. It is always better to delete the tinder account and restart it again.

Tinder is not linked from your Facebook ?

Not for all peoples link Facebook for their associated tinder profile. So you are in this case, then really it is a bit difficult to change the age on your tinder profile.

By just sign up the Tinder account individually then once you set the date of birth then it cannot be changed at all. So in that case again the only solution is to delete the Tinder account.

So here is easy and transparent solution that can solve your concern.

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