What Does the Lightning Bolt Mean On Tinder

What Does the Lightning Bolt Mean On Tinder

Want to know what the lightning bolt means on tinder then keep reading this article. Get highlighted among your community and swipe your right partner.

Tinder the Lightning Bolt

What Does the Tinder Lightning Bolt

Tinder app is a free dating app that can be used in mobile, desktop, iPad, tablet and on any web browser. It has two communities one for teens of 13-17 years of age and the other one is for above 18 years.  It connects your Facebook profile for basic information.  You can swipe for the right partner, get noticed and connect with a maximum number of person on this app. Now the buzz of the era is what the lightning bolt means on tinder which is recently launched by Tinder to highlight your profile to other as a special point of attention for a minimum of half an hour.

Get a free boost with the leading Dating App

For singles, Tinder is a celebrating platform to swipe away your life in the sink of love and matchmaking. The boost let you skip in the front line for 30 min where you get highlighted and get 10x times of the normal reach outs.

Till date the cost of this boost is not cleared by Tinder. It shows you a clear and detailed list of how many people you reached and all matches that you get in your profile come in a purple lightning bolt to highlight the attention.

Cost of the Boost

Till date the cost of the boost is not well defined by Tinder. As of now, it is a free boost to many of the connoisseurs. And the art of skipping to the front line is well managed.

But many users have raised the question that if in one time many apply for the boost then how will Tinder manage and prioritize on whom to keep on the first line. Hence it is making a package based system to strengthen the boost.

Detail on Boost

The boost takes your profile to the topmost line of the deck of swiping which implies that it will be more vividly visible. In other words, it increases your chances to be viewed by the match. The tenure is 30 min to keep you on the highlight. With the boost, you may get a 10 min extension.

Now if you subscribe to Tinder Gold or Plus account then you get a free boost every month. There are different ways to give your account a boost. Tinder is one of the leading dating apps which is vitalized to let you sink in the pool of good matches and enjoy your time by being the highlight.

Best Time for Tinder Boost

This is very important to know what is the best time to get a 10x more profile view of the relevant match. So here we share the information to get the best and perfect match. It is highly dependent on the geographical region. In a specific time and given geographical region you can boost your profile which is known as “Hot Time”.

This hot time brings the highest luck to get a match for you. Always the traffic on hot time hits the maximum user. And compared to that the freeze hours get a fraction of reach. So if you want to use your free boost or spend on it then do research on the time and the zone you belong to get maximum community reaches. But irrespective of any location Sunday is always the best day to hit at and specifically during afternoon and night.

In further, To know more about the dating app technology keep connected with this space 🙂

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