How to Reset Amazon fire TV Follow these simple [ 3 ways]

3 simple way for how to Reset Amazon fire Tv stick

Amazon fire tv is similar to other streaming devices like Google TV and Apple TV. Generally, it is a  media player that lets you stream game, music, and video on your TV. In fact,  normal TV can be turned into a smart TV with an amazon fire TV. Moreover, you have to just connect amazon fire tv with your tv by using an HDMI cable.  And you will be able to browse your favorite series to your favorite game on your normal TV.

You Should Know About Facilities of  Amazon fire TV?

  • First up all, it’s very easy to set up and use.
  • Huge content availability (as you can access Netflix, amazon prime and many more streaming channels). 
  • Best wireless coverage on a large area.
  • Great storage capacity with 8 GB of internal storage.
  • By using X-ray features you can reach other songs and movies of a particular actor or actress if you are not identifying them.

Step by Step Instructions to learn How to reset amazon fire TV?

In all electronic media devices, you may observe lag issues after using some days or months It might be due to memory full or overload of apps. The best and perfect solution we always get is resetting that device in factory default. The solution is the same for Amazon fire TV if you suffer lagging issues.

You can reset an amazon fire tv in three ways by using the amazon fire tv app or With the help of remote or you can use the default factory reset setting. Follow any of these mentioned below steps to reset.

How to Reset to factory defaults in Amazon Fire TV?

  • At first, connect your amazon fire TV with your TV stick.
  • Then after you can go to the Settings from the top.
  • From the next window you can select the My fire TV.
  • Hereafter you can navigate to Reset to factory defaults.
  • In the next window, a dialogue box will appear asking “Reset to factory defaultsReset or Cancel
  • Now choose Reset.
  • It will take 5-10 minutes and then your system will reset. Afterwards it will shows “Resetting your fire tv stick“.
  • Once it completes resetting it will redirect you to Connect to the WIFI.

How to Reset amazon fire tv using fire tv app?

Amazon offers a fire TV app for both Android and IOS. Using the fire tv app you can control the Amazon fire TV. You can just download as well as install the app on your device. Make sure to connect on the same WIFI in which fire tv is connected.

  •  Now open your app. Your fire tv name will be visible there.
  • Tap on the name.
  • Now you will get a 4  digit pin code on your tv screen.
  • Enter the pin on the app.
  • Now from the app go to settings.
  • Then go to  System.
  • And next to choose Reset to factory defaults.
  • From the next window, a dialogue box will appear asking “Reset to factory defaultsReset or Cancel
  • Now choose Reset.

 Using fire tv Remote buttons?

You can reset your amazon fire tv by using your fire tv Remote with just a few steps.

In order to reset your fire tv then you can press and hold the right button and back button together for at least 15 seconds.

It will redirect to the reset procedure.

Now follow the step by step instructions given on tv screen to reset your fire TV:-

Frequently resetting can lead to your device processing issue. So it is better to do not to reset too frequently. if your system is lagging it might be due to over installation of apps or memory full. You can easily uninstall unnecessary apps and remove memory data.

To uninstall apps :

  •  Firstly Go to settings.
  • Now select  applications.
  • now navigate to “Managed installed apps“.
  • Select the apps which you want to uninstall.
  • Then select uninstall.

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