Master How To Stream From Laptop To TV In Just A Few Minutes!

How To Stream From Laptop to TV

Nowadays, peoples prefer large screens over laptop screens, mobile screens to relax and enjoy the view which is harmless for the viewers’ eyes. You can also browse online websites, play music as well as games, and experience a movie on your TV screens. So, here are some steps to stream from your laptop to your TV. Before going into the content I want to let you know that this can be done in both ways. You can either stream by using a wire to connect your laptop to your TV or by using wireless.

Mostly, it is done by using HDMI (High-Definition Multi-media Interface)..{Wired}.

Here are some of the methods that help to stream on into your laptop screen directly on your favorite TV Screen so far.

Method1: How To Stream From Laptop To TV  via HDMI

By using HDMI,

If you using Smart TV or your TV that supports to HDMI port then you can easily share laptop screen for your television instantly.

Step1: Connect the HDMI cable/pin of the laptop to the HDMI port of the TV.

Step2: This will display the content of your laptop on the TV just like wired screen-mirroring.

You can also use some mini HDMIs to connect with tab into big screens.

Method 2: How To Stream From Laptop To TV  via Chromecast

By using Chromecast,

If you want to stream from the laptop into Tv then Chromecast is the best the way to connect both of them without any hesitation.

Step1: First, Connect the Chromecast to the TV at the USB port. Then, It will work and you can cast whatever you want from it.

Step2: In case, if you don’t have a USB port, then connect the Chromecast directly to the AC socket which servers as Wi-Fi and joins the network.

Step3: Then, the switch on Wi-Fi on TV and join the Chromecast network to start streaming.

You can download the Chromecast app from Play Store, Apple Store and on Windows.

Method 3( Steam from laptop to TV using Wireless Mirroring)

By using Airplay Mirroring,

Here is an effective solution to stream when you have an Apple TV in your home or somewhere else.

1. In this method, you should have an Apple TV set which is connected to your TV.

2. Then, you can be able to stream from every device which belongs to Apple by using Apple’s Airplay. This method is a wireless process.

Method 4: How to connect the laptop to tv using Firestick

By using Firestick(Windows 10)

Using firestick is the one kind of way to connect between the laptop and your television easily.

Step1: First, connect the laptop and Amazon fire stick to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step2: Go to settings by the long pressing home switch on the amazon remote.

Step3: Next, you can choose here “Screen mirroring” option under the settings.

Step4: Now, go to the notifications option on your windows 10 which is bottom-right on the taskbar.

Step5: Search for the available Wi-Fi networks and connect to the amazon fire stick (or your custom name) when it appears on the search and available to get connected.

In case, if you are not comfortable with the resolution or the display, then just change them on your laptop which makes a change in your TV screen also.


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