How to mute in Fortnite Ps4?? Follow This 5 Simple Steps

How to mute in Fortnite PS4

Fortnite is a survival action-packed multiplayer game developed by Epic game. To be the king of the game you have to plan and play with unique strategies. If you are playing multiplayer then voice chat will help you to discuss with your team player to co-operate. But sometimes there might be some disturbance for annoying voice chat which breaks the attention and concentrates. So some times it is required to mute the voice chat. In this article, you will learn how to mute in Fortnite ps4 and play Fortnite without any disturbance.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a survival royal battle in which the 100 Player is dropped into a small island with their teammates and game enemies. A player can choose the playing mode from Duo, Squad, Solo. They can collect their weapons from the island.

Then you have to survive by hiding your self or defeating others. By time to time, the size of the playing zone will reduce so that the players can get closer to each other.

There are lots of seasons in Fortnite. Within 70 days Fortnite introduces a new season. If you want level up faster you need to purchase the battle pass. You will get lots of outfits along with unique rewards.

Why Fortnite became so popular??

Completely Free and Easy to play

This game is totally free. Beginners can easily understand how to play it and enjoy the game play. You can play it in  Mac, IOS, PlayStation 4, Windows and now it is available on android too.

You have to just start and game. Stay alive as much as you can. If you find anything moving, shoot it. The game lasts up to 30 minutes. If you remain alive till the game end you will be the winner. That’s it.

If you died you can re-enter into the new game without wasting your time.

Unique and attractive design

In fact, there are lots of action games available in the market. But by having the best attractive design and interface  Fortnite beat all and took place at the top. Weekly new updates, new challenges making this game more interactive and trending day by day.

Character Customization

Most of the player find it interesting if they can customize their outfits in the game. In Fortnite, by expending some money you can customize the outfit of your character with in-game. You can buy interesting dancing steps, cosmetics, new outfits. In the lobby, it will make your outfit much more attainable

Spectacle Feature

Fortnite introduced a new feature called Spectacle. If you are eliminated don’t lose hope you can spectacle others ( your teammate, the person who defeats you). So you can enjoy the game by the Spectacle feature and also can improve your playing skills from other gameplay strategies.

The minimum requirement to play Fortnite on android 

  • Android Oreo or higher version.
  • 3Gb ROM
  • 4Gb RAM
  • Qualcomm Adreno 530 or higher 

if you have these then you can easily download the game from play store . While the installation is complete enjoy it  with your google play service account.

Play Fortnite With Ps4

  • Firstly go to your  PS4
  • Then open PlayStation store
  • Next search for Fortnite free version
  • Hereafter Add to your cart and download it
  • Add it in your game console

Moreover once the installation is complete enjoy the game for free.

How to mute in Fortnite Ps4

  • Firstly you can Go to the settings
  • Next Go to the sound tab
  • You can Find the Voice chat toggles
  • Toggle to turn voice chat off and on

By doing this all of your voice chat will be disabled it does not matter how you are playing like solo, duo, or squad. You will not get any disturbance from the voice chat until you turn the voice chat on.

How to mute a particular player in Fortnite?

Obviously when we play Fortnite with randomly matched players sometimes we get annoying sounds from those player mics. Which is completely disgusting. So if you don’t want to communicate with them through the voice you can simply mute them by following these simple steps :

  • Once you joined the lobby press ESC from your keyboard.
  • Then you will be able to open the menu from where you can modify the settings.
  • Hover over their(whom you want to mute)  player card and then double click.
  • Done

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