Risk of Rain 2 Character Unlocks | Guide To Earn All The Survirous

Risk of Rain 2 Character Unlocks | Guide To Earn All The Survirous

Risk Of Rain 2 is a third-person shooting game, It is a 3D based game. It is similar to that of a side-scroller, Which is a similar shooting game but it’s 2D. The game has an option of multipayer, You can enjoy this game with your friends and family. The most special part of this game is there are so many characters. But definitely they are not unlocked, And also earning them won’t be a piece of cake. For this reason, I’m writing this guide that will help you in the Risk of Rain 2’s character unlocks.

Risk of Rain 2 has increased the complexity to unlock new characters. The methods to increase new character changes quite often, And it’s necessary to update the current working method. Let’s together unlock this survivor, And master this game.

Total Number Of Risk Of Rain 2 Character and How To Unlock Them

Risk of Rains 2 was launched in the year 2019, From the launch itself, the game was a big hit. A lot of fans of the earlier version had pre-order the game. When the game was launch there were around six characters, Commando, MUL-T, Huntress, Engineer, Artificer, and Mercenary. But the developers of the game claim, They will add another four during the course of one year.


How to unlock the character: Just launch the game!

Commando is one of the most chilled characters in the game. Even after playing with him for multiple games, And unlocking other characters you’ll find yourself changing to him quite often. Commando is the character that defaults to the game, You’ll start your journey of risk rains 2 with this character only. As the game progresses you’ll have the chance to unlock other characters. Commando is fairly easy to get around with, You’ll surely not face any challenges handling the character in the game. The main strong ability of this character is rapid firing with accuracy.


How to unlock the character: Complete the level one for five times.

MUL-T is one of the most loved characters in this game. His ability to swap weapons during the attack is truly admirable. The character is very strong and holds a lot of ability. You can use the rifle for sniping and interchange with fast-firing but short-range guns. If you love swapping weapons then you’ll have a bomb of time. Because you can handle guns simultaneously without changing equipment. One more great thing about this character is, It can be coiled with you enemy with speedy abilities. Your ability to counter your enemy increases if you stick and master this character.


How to unlock the character: Reach the third level without dying

If you want to go after a group or multiple targets. Then you need this character, She might not be as strong as the Commando but her ability to destroy multiple enemies is one of the best. She can bounce between more than enemies. If you have any dout about this character, Then you should drop that idea. Because if you unlock huntress, Then you’ll not consider even changing your character again. But definitely you will unlock further characters, Just for the sake of curiosity. Huntress has the power to shower rainbows on your enemy and cause significant damage to your opponent.


How to unlock the character: Reach level 30

The Engineer might sound quite uncool, You might argue with the stereotype. But my vocabulary is different than yours. Because the game risk of rains 2 requires you to leave your all prejudiced, And play this game with an open mind. The only role of this character may seem as defending and placing the turrets. But his ability is beyond your imagination. The character can deploy mines, Yes you heard me right—Not only that but it can also create a bubble shield that has the ability to block attacks from enemies.

The Engineer can even throw grenades with fires volleys. After deploying the character it can defend your turrets quite easily. With this character, you can boost your speed of attack. An engineer can turn your turrets into healing stations. The main reason to stick with this character would be to defend and attack aggressively


How to unlock the character: Unlocking this character is a little tricky, But let’s get into it. You need to have at least 10 lunar coins in your account, Then you need to spend it in the Newt Shop. Your enemies leave the lunar coins and you need to be cautious and keep eye on them. Whenever you see a lunar coin, Make sure you grab the coin. Portal of the shop will get automatically opened, Once you clear the stages. The prerequisite is that you need to spend a single luna coin at Newt lunar. To get the character visible. You can find the Artificer in the same block in Newt Shop.

Artificer is one of the most intimidating characters of this game, You’ll notice that this character can play with fire, ice, and lightning. If you truly want to reach her potential then combine multiple elements. Also, the fireballs (Basic attack) get recharge very quickly, Which is an upper hand for her character. Artificer is a character that might not please you at first, But certainly convince you after you start using her true power. But once you get familiar with the character, The power of fireballs can make your enemies truly scare of you. The flamethrower will definitely make you happier, that you choose this character.


How to unlock the character: Cool we have reached the last character of this game. And I know you are jumping out of your bed to know how you can unlock this character. Do not worry we will diminish your curiosity in just a second. The first step to unlock Mercenary would be to reach Obelisk by clearing the level seven. A new portal called Celestial will open, Once you have clear stage seven. Choose Obliterate after you get promoted, This shall unlock the character instantly. There is one more option to Obliterate yourself to unlock more lunar coins.

Mercenary, as the name suggests, sounds somebody from the crusades. And if you thought so then you are not entirely wrong. The character actually holds a sword in a third player game. At first, this might sound quite strange, But once you let the character show his power you’ll fall in love with the ability that the character holds. If you extract the true potential of the character it might even defeat the most fierce character and players in the game. His ability to attack only can be achieved when you are close to your enemy, The character swings swords and decreases the other person’s damage rate.

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