Fortnite Guide & How to leave a party in Fortnite {Step-by-Step}

How to leave a party in Fortnite {Step-by-Step}

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If you are a hardcore gamer and love to play royal battle then you must hear about Fortnite. However fortnite is a top trending survival multiplayer game developed by Epic Games. In the Fortnite battle royale, 100 people dropped on an island to survive. Frequently the playing zone size will reduce and every player will get closer to each other.

Finally the last player of the match who survived will be the winner. Additionally, fortnite is now available for almost Windows, Mac, Android, Xbox. In this article we will discuss how you can download and install Fortnite in every platform, Fortnite latest seasons, challenges, party features, How to how to leave a party in Fortnite, how to change the party status, And how you can kick someone from your party.

Fortnite in Xbox

Xbox is a gaming console by which you can play your favorite game on any display. You just have to connect your Xbox with the display through an HDMI cable. And can get realistic graphics quality.

Play Fortnite with Xbox

When your Xbox one is connected with the internet and has a stable internet connection logged in in your Xbox live account.

  • First of all press RB from your controller and switch to the Store tab from the Dashboard.
  • Then click on Search and press A
  • Next to write Fortnite and search for it
  • Then press the menu
  • Afterwards highlight the free version of Fortnite and press A
  • Highlight get and again press A
  • Finally, it will start downloading soon.

Fortnite for Pc

Must be remembered Fortnite is also available for Mac and windows. You can just simply visit google from your PC. Search for Fortnite PC so far.

  • Firstly you can open the official website of Fortnite from the search result
  • Then you can visit their
  • Afterwards download the file for your pc
  • once the download is complete install it and enjoy the game.

Fortnite mobile

Now you can enjoy Fortnite in your android device. you just need an android device having an android version at least Android Oreo, 3Gb Rom,4 Gb Ram, Processor Qualcomm Adreno 530 or higher.

How to  install Fortnite on Android

  • Go to your play store.
  • Next search for Fortnite.
  • Free Download
  • install it
  • Finally play and enjoy 🙂

Fortnite on Nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch is a gaming console. It helps your home console to transform into a portable system. You can play your favorite games as you want however you like It doesn’t matter wherever you are.

 How to  install Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

  • Once your Nintendo Switch has turned on login to your Nintendo account.
  • Then navigate to Nintendo shop and press A
  • In further click on search and look for Fortnite.
  • Next tap Fortnite
  • tap on free download and press A
  • Select free download for the confirmation.
  • Additionally if you want more game to list then select continue shopping else select close to the exit.
  • Obviously the Fortnite icon will be visible on your  Nintendo Switch home. And downloading progress will be shown at the bottom.
  • Of course once the download is finished Fortnite icon will appear solid and the progress bar will hide from the bottom.

Fortnite season

In fact, Fortnite made so many changes and upgraded its design, controls, outfit. Made it compatible with moreover all platforms. They bringing their every season within a 70 days period. By means within 70 days, Fortnite introducing more new features, a new map, more user interactive events to gain much more audience.

As a result, Fortnite introduced two chapters (1,2). In chapter one (from December 2017 to October 2019) Fortnite introduced 10 seasons. And chapter two season two is going on from February 2020. Fortnite will bring many more chapters along with seasons in the future so that the user does not lose the game interest.

Challenges in Fortnite

To gain much more attention from their audience and to make the game more interactive Fortnite introduced weekly challenges from Chapter 2. In which you will get new challenges each week. If you complete those challenges you will get rewards for it. Your experience point will increase. You can get the opportunity to change the skin.

You can share challenges with your friends. If they can complete the challenges you will get the reward for it too. Some popular challenges like Landmark mission, landmark location, the crash site, coral cove, stack shack. By completing challenges you can get some royal pass. Royal pass will help you to increase your XP. With the royal pass you can unlock more rewards.

Party in Fortnite

In season 8 Fortnite introduced a new feature called ” Fortnite Party hub”.By using this  Fortnite cross-platform you can check which friend is online, can start a party, chat there through voice. You can still enjoy this party feature if you have not downloaded the game yet.

While downloading the latest updates you can party up with your friends.

You can share challenges with your friends or teammate in the party hub. If anyone in your squad can complete the challenge you will get a reward for it.You can easily start a new party, leave a party in fortnite.

How  to Start a party in Fortnite

Fortnite Ps4 Party

  • Be ready to join into a game
  • Create a ps4 party chat
  • play together
  • Then Choose settings from the bottom
  • Eventually join your friends at a hosted party.

Join the party in Fortnite

  • Play a solo game with your friends.
  • game over
  • let your party leader invite you.
  • Then Accept the invitation and join the party.

How to make your party from the public to private

sometimes we need to play with only our friends so its good to make our party status “friends” so that anyone can not join. To change the party status follow these simple steps:

  • You can select the social icon menu from the upper top left.
  • Then Click on the cog icon
  • now change the party status between public, private, and made.

How to leave a party in Fortnite

  • First of all, Right-click on your outfit/character
  • Then click on the pop-up menu from the top left corner
  • simply click on leave the party/quit party.

This is how you can simply leave a party in Fortnite.

How to kick out  someone from a party in Fortnite

Though this feature is not available on each platform. You can kick out someone from your party if you are a host of that party. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Firstly select their name
  • From the popup menu select manage
  • Then select kick from the party.
  • finally done.

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