How to hack a mobile phone without any software

How to hack a mobile phone without any software

Of course thinking about a day without a mobile phone is not possible. As a matter of fact, from banking to food order we are totally dependent on mobile phones. So the mobile phone knows our all daily life’s secrets. Now think if the mobile gets hacked!! Hack means getting access to the phone without user permission.  In this article, you will know  How to hack a mobile phone without any software! and How you can prevent your phone from hacking.

How to hack a mobile phone without any software

How to hack a mobile phone without any software

Although this may be true, hacking someone’s phone is easy. You can just send a broken link via Email or Text Messages (email spoofing or email phishing techniques). Moreover, when they will open the link the phone will be accessible by the hacker.

Additionally it depends on your ability and skill that how you can hack a phone. But If you want to hack a phone without any software You have to know :

  •  Proper networking
  • Basic of  connectivity and computer fundamentals
  • Computer programming

In fact, without using any software it is not that easy to hack a mobile phone. But with the software, you can hack a mobile in several ways. Here there are lots of software available in the market which will help you to hacking others’ mobile. But make sure you are using paid spy apps to get their best facilities. And before purchasing do research about them and read the customer reviews and feedback.

On the other hand, In the best and easiest you can trace and spy someone is by remote access.

  • Firstly, install any remote software to your victim’s mobile phone.
  • Next to install the same remote apps to your phone.
  • Afterwards connect with your victim phone using the remote address.
  • Start connection.
  • Boom

Now you can monetize what your victim is doing with their phone.

How to know if your phone is hacked

How to know if your phone is hacked

There are some symptoms that indicates your phone is hacked and tracking your mobile activities someone else. These are as follows:-

Your phone will be slower than the normal

If your phone is that does not directly mean that your phone is hacked. Sometimes for the software version (backdated mobile), it can be slow. But if you observe other mentioned defects along with the phone is slower than usual then its high chance that your phone is hacked.

Heating issue

When your phone is hacked the hacker will transfer data from your device to their server. And these whole processes will run in the background that’s why there will be a heating issue. And for the data transmission, you can observe the battery issues also.

Phone will reboot

The most common symptoms are Automatic dial to a random number, automatic application start, and the phone will reboot again and again.

Randomly application installing

You found that there are lots of applications installed on your phone. And you have not installed them. This can be the reason for the hack. Some malicious code injected in your device which is continuously downloading applications. Your first action is to uninstall those malware applications. Don’t download any third-party applications from outside of google play store.

Unknown number in the call log

Hacker usually doesn’t make their self public. So they use the victim’s details in hacking. If you found several unknown numbers in the call log and which is not done by you it can be possible that your phone is hacked. And take legal steps against it. Because you don’t know how your phone number is used and what was the conversation.

How you can prevent your phone from hacking

How you can prevent your phone from hacking

You can follow the below guidance that helps to safe for your phone as well as prevent your smart mobile against hacking and other illegal activities.

Open WiFi

We have the tendency of getting everything for free. And if it is WiFi then nothing can beat the happiness of getting it free. But keep in mind the owner or the Server in which you are connected can monetize or track your usage. So they can easily get your browsing history and also your password too. Next time whenever you get free WiFi please ignore it. In the case of emergency do use any VPN.

Charging Station

Undoubtedly it is the next level hacking procedure. In the charging station, you put your phone for charging and someone is stealing your data from the opposite side of the wall. And it is impossible to understand at all. Do not charge your phone from any charging Station. Keep your charger along with you. Use it whenever you need to use it.

Uninstalling App

In this generation everything possible using simple and small apps from ticket booking to food order. In the way of becoming advance some times, we do a few mistakes like installing unnecessary apps, installing apps from outside of play store, Installing apps which have some security issue. We do not obey the security response. Anyways if your apps are taking unnecessary permission ( for example if a music player has the authority to access your camera) that means this can be a trap of hackers. So check your mobile apps permission and uninstall those apps which are taking unnecessary permissions. And them too for which you are getting security issues.

Keep your phone private

We always share our phone with our close people(like a friend, family). How you can be sure that your friend is not spying on you? Right! it can be possible that when you share your phone with your close one he/she just injects some code or apps on your phone. By which he/she can trace and track your phone and usage. So always keep your phone private.

Change Your Mobile Password Frequently

It is a good idea to change the password frequently. So that person who knows your password can not access your phone in your absence. your phone will remain safe.


As you are looking for how to hack a mobile phone. That means you eagerly waiting for it . And want to access someone’s phone. Don’t do it. It is not illegal. You will get so many tutorials on how to hack someone’s phone. None will work. And installing that software and apps can make you trouble. Trust me no hacker will tell you the proper way to hack a mobile publicly. If you are doing anything do it in a legal way.

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