Ways to Make Text in Facebook Bold or Use Specific Font Style

Ways to Make Text in Facebook Bold or Use Specific Font Style

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Yeah of course Facebook doesn’t have any system to automatically mark any text in bold. You must have wondered many times how to make text in Facebook bold or italics. Let’s learn how to use Unicode or text generators.

The text on Facebook often desires to be highlighted to fetch special attention from friends and contacts. And Facebook normally doesn’t have a method to make bold and italic or use any special sign or symbols. So let us learn how to highlight your text easily and in the least time.

Tool to Generate Bold Text Using Unicode in Facebook

Yay Text Clipboard is a tool that can be used for Facebook to make text bold, italics or use any special character or symbols. Using some Unicode it can generate bold or italic text. Moreover, The text generated by it looks often like CSS or HTML attributed font. But a certain version of Android, and some browsers cannot read these Unicode. So bold is not shown to them. In fact, this can also used on Twitter or Instagram. So browse down and read to know how to highlight your text and fetch more attention. Before we go further we need to know which are the best places to use such bold text are. It can be the Comment box or Note area, or Profile section or Chat Box.

Steps to Make Bold in your Facebook

In the first step, you need to write your text or your post in limited characters in a bigger font. Before you post it or click on the Post button, open a New Tab to get Yay Text’s which will make text bold. Now copy only the text part you want to highlight in bold and paste and put in “Your Text Box”.Then hit the “Copy” option beside the style of bold you want. Now this will automatically copy to the clipboard of your computer.

The copy button is highly useful here. And for special mention, the “Sans Serif” font is the best font for making bold on Facebook.  Using the same process you can also generate an Italics, or change font style and lot more on your text.

Using Yay Text bold text generator is easy and user friendly with a good and effective interface. Moreover, it is compatible with almost all systems.

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