How to change name in tinder

Get to know How to change name in Tinder with Easy Steps

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Do you want to change your name on your Tinder account?

Yes, you are right. Tinder doesn’t allow users to change their name and age to avoid fake faces. Tinder gleans your details from Facebook. There is an easy solution of- ‘how to change name in tinder?’ Here all you have to do is to change your name on Facebook. Facebook allow you to change your name once in every 60 days. We have enlisted the step by step process that how you can do it with few simple steps.

Change your name in tinder associated Facebook profile

#1. You need to change your name in the Facebook profile with the following steps-

Firstly open your tinder connected Facebook account. Then from the setting menu go to Account setting.

Facebook account general settings

Under Account setting clicks on the general option and fill all the fields.

Lastly, tap on review changes.

Facebook change name

#2. Next you need to logout from your tinder account and again log in. Wait for couple of days, and your profile would be updated.

In case, Tinder do not have the access of your Facebook account won’t able to sync it.  However, in such case you need to do the following steps-

#1. Logout from your Tinder account.

#2. Open Facebook –> Settings–>Apps.

Apps ans websites Facebook

#3. Then search for the Tinder app and allow the permission that are associated with your Tinder application. Now click save button.

Facebook tinder app allow permission

Tinder apps updated permission in Facebook

#4. Now again log in to your Tinder profile with Facebook and put your phone number also. It will able to sync the information and the information get updated.

Tinder Application starting page

If still your information does not get updated then you need to delete your Tinder account and start a new with the updated information. Steps are as follows-

Open Tinder –> Settings –> Delete your Account and start (Reason: Something is Broken) –>Install  Tinder –>Create new account.

Tinder settings and edit info page

Now after following the above steps Tinder will show your updated name. These steps are enough for you to know how to change name in tinder.

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