how to add link to instagram story without being verified

how to add link to instagram story without being verified

As a matter of fact, Instagram is one of the best destinations for marketing & promotional pages. Of course, people on this platform are looking for different products and services to purchase. But due to misuse and spam of the direct link feature. Moreover, Instagram has added certain limits to this feature. The reality is you can’t add links to your Instagram story. Until you meet the basic criteria of the platform. This includes followers of 10,000 with no violation of the Instagram policy. This limitation sometimes can get harsh on new or niche Instagram influencers, That are doing great work but have less than 10,000 followers.

Legal way to add links to the Instagram story without being verified

So if you are one of those influencers, And want a way around through this restriction. Then keep reading, I’ll share with you 3 ways to add links to your Instagram stories. And yes, This is absolutely legit and legal. And does not violate Instagram policy. Also, you don’t need to be verified in-order to add a link to the Instagram story.


You can’t post links through IG story directly, But you can certainly create a tunnel through IG story, To your IGTV where you are free to post links of your choice. And it’s not at all complicated.

1) Create an IGTV it shouldn’t have to be very long, Just a few seconds will do the work. Add some animation, Make sure you add the title of the link, So people can instantly understand that it’s a clickable link.

i.e – Hello, I have just launched a newsletter, Exclusively for my Instagram followers, If you are interested click on the link above. ONLY ACCEPTING LIMITED EMAIL! 

2) Post this IGTV on your page.

3) Make sure you add the link to your Instagram caption. Because this is your only chance to add a custom link.

4) Create an IG story, And add the IGTV on the swipe up option. Voila, You have successfully added link to Instagram story without being verified.

2) Send Links Through Direct Message

It’s super simple just ask your followers, In your IG story if they are interested in certain products or services. And ask them if they do, DM you. Once you get the message then send them the link. EASY PEASY.

3) Use The IG Poll To Get Leads.

Alternately you can also have a poll, In which you can ask “Does anyone interested in my newsletter that I’m starting this week”, Send links directly to the people that have said yes in your Instagram stories.

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