How to hide followers list, posts & other stuffs on Instagram

How to hide followers list, posts and other stuffs on Instagram

First of all Instagram is one of the best and most widely used social media platform. Sometimes we need to hide followers on Instagram and not allowed to show Instagram activities for strangers. But there is no direct way to hide friends on Instagram. But by following these methods you can hide the followers from your Instagram account. Though it is not possible to hide the follower’s numbers. but you can keep your Followers list always private. So anyone can’t view your follower’s details.

Change you profile privacy to Private {Hide Instagram followers and posts}

Obviously, you can’t control your Instagram followers. But you can control the visibility of your Instagram profile. Whenever you can change your privacy to private then your Instagram posts, followers, stories and other stuffs  will be visible only for your approved followers.

1) Firstly, open your Instagram application.

open Instagram account

2) Then after go to your profile.

Instagram personal profile

3) After that you can click on the three dot lines from the top right corner.

burger menu

4) Now click the “Settings” option.

settings option on instagram

5) Next, click the “Privacy” option.

privacy option

6) Now scroll down and find out the “Account Privacy” option here.

account privacy

7) Click on this account privacy and you can set it to on for “Private Account“.

private account option

How to Hide followers from followers on Instagram

By following above mentioned method you can hide follower list from the people who are not your followers. If you want to hide your followers from the people who are already following you you can do this. Because no such activities available on Instagram. If you want to hide your Instagram activities from your followers then you can simply block them.

How to block a follower?

1) By the same token, open your Instagram app.

open Instagram account

2) Next, Go to your profile and find out the follower you want to block.

followers in Instagram profile

3) You can open their profile first.

block profile

4) Next, Tap or click on the three dot lines from the top right corner.

5) Then click the option named “Block“.

block option

6) After the confirmation popup shows here. You can select the “Block” or “I am sure” option here.

By doing this that person will not be able to see your profile, Instagram post, followers list, any Instagram activities.

How to Unblock a follower?

In case if you can change your mind and want to unblock your blocked person then you can do the same previous steps and unblock his/her profile.

1) In a like manner, open your Instagram profile first and then click on the three dot line (burger menu) top right on your application screen.

2) Then click the “Settings” and after you can select the “Privacy” option here.

settings option on instagram

privacy option Instagram

3) Afterwards, under the “Connections”, you can find out and click the option named for “Blocked Accounts“.

blocked accounts list

4) Of course, here you can see the list of Instagram blocked users.

blocked profile

5) If you want to remove any users from this block list then you can click the “Unblock” button.

Unblock profile

Hide Instagram Post from followers

If you want to hide any post from your followers, then you can just archive the post. By doing this, your post won’t be deleted, but It will be hidden from others. Also your followers will not be able to see your posts anymore. The following steps will help you to hide Instagram posts.

1) Firstly go to your Instagram post and open that post.

2) Then you can tap or click on that 3 dots from the top right corner.

3) Then click on “Archive“.

post archive option instagram

That’s it. your post no more to show your followers.

How to show your Archive posts

1) First up all open your Instagram profile page.

2) Then click on the burger menu that can belong to the top right corner of the screen.

3) Next, click the “Archive” option.

archive option

4) By default “Stories Archive” is selected here.

instagram stories archive

5) You can click on that drop down and choose “Post Archive” option.

Post Archive

That’s it. You can now see on your archived post here.

How to get back on your profile for your Archived posts?

1) Similarly, open your Instagram profile first.

2) Then click on the three dotted horizontal lines from the top right corner.

3) Then select “Archive“.

archive option

4) Afterwards selecting the “Post Archive” option under this drop down list.

Post Archive

5) Then after select the post you want to get back.

6) Next, click on three dot line from the top right corner of that particular post.

7) Click on “Show on profile” option.

Show on profile

That’s it. Your archived post now successfully shows in your Instagram profile. Furthermore, your followers also now can able to see this post.


The best way to prevent your account activity is don’t accept the following request from strangers. This will reduce your headache as well as your effort to hide followers.

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