How to know real time Instagram follower count??

How to know real time Instagram follower count

Identically Instagram is one of the best and most trending social media, which creates a huge craze among the teenagers as well as celebrities. All the thing is based on the followers. The more followers you have the more engagement you will get. Even the more follower you have the most famous you are. So for the real-time Instagram follower count, you can follow these methods-

How to count real-time Instagram follower

Knowing the exact follower’s number is very much essential because followers can increase as well as decrease within a second. You can monitor, is your account is growing or not!. If you reach 10k followers on Instagram you will no longer able to see your exact followers count. So it becomes difficult to monitor Followers of Instagram.

#Check Instagram in PC/Desktop

If you are using PC/Desktop then just open Instagram on it. Then log in with your Instagram account and visit your profile. Now simply place your mouse cursor on Followers count. Within a few seconds a pop-up box will show your exact followers count.

#Use Instagram Paid Tools 

You can browse google and will get lots of paid tools available to get your real-time follower count. On the other hand, if you don’t need the paid version then you can access their free trial.

#Upgrade your Personal Instagram Account 

The most common free method “upgrade your personal account to a business account“. Then simply open Instagram on your mobile. Then after go to your profile. Click on 3 horizontal line from the top right corner. Go to insight and then click on the Audience. You will get your exact real time followers count.

#Link Instagram Business Account to Facebook Business Page

While after switching to a business account then just link your Instagram account with your Facebook account. You will get to know the real-time followers count from your Facebook.

#Use Instagram analytics apps

You can download Instagram analytics apps from the app store which will let you know your user activity, followers count and many more to track.

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