How to fix this "Calendar Invitation. Your Response to the Invitation Cannot Be Sent” error in iPad/iPhone

Resolve Error Message – “Calendar Invitation. Your Response to the Invitation Cannot Be Sent”

If you are using an iPad or an iPhone then this is a common problem you face. Here we provide an array of solutions on the error message “Calendar Invitation. Your Response to the Invitation Cannot Be Sent”. So try it out and be relieved.

How to fix this “Calendar Invitation. Your Response to the Invitation Cannot Be Sent” error in iPad/iPhone

All most all models of iPad or iPhone of Apple has the same issue of sending the error message to the user regarding the calendar event. This message is shown because at any point of time you must have responded as accept or reject to a calendar invitation which didn’t hit the server’s end and so such error message is repeatedly sent to you.

To stop receiving this message you can do the following changes in your settings or apply below-mentioned formulas.

No! Don’t worry it doesn’t need any technical knowledge. So you can just follow the below instructions as per mentioned:-

1st and Easiest option to restart the phone

If it is the first or second time you have started receiving such an error message then just turn off the iOS device. And it may be get resolved or accomplish the slight glitches to recover the phone settings. Hence in a quick shot, you are relieved of this irritating message that often iPhone users come across. If this didn’t resolve the issues then follow the next steps as mentioned here.

2nd option is to Toggle off Calendar

To use the second solution you need to work through the settings option of the iPhone or iPad device. Through that section toggle off or turn off the calendar app. Once you are done for this then you can just wait for one or two minutes and then again toggle on it back. Restart the phone and this way you may resolve the issue.

3rd Option is to Reset the and restart both Calendar app and iPhone

In the settings option of the phone open the account option and put the password there. The account linked with the Calendar needs to be deleted. So the calendar accounts password and deleted to require remembering. Also, the Calendar option needs to be turned off by clicking on the button beside the list.

You may receive a warning message. but don’t get stuck by it as all data are there in the backup folder which can be retrieved after restarting and turning on the Calendar app. For a safety measure, you can keep a manual backup in iCloud. It’s time to restart and reopen the phone and app as well. This must resolve your issues but yet if the problem exist then select all the accounts and do the same procedure.

4th Option is Latest Version update

The last but not least option left on your palate is an updated iOS version. Update your iPhone’s version to resolve this problem within no time. After you do this yet if the problem doesn’t solves then force stop the app and restart again.

Try out these options to get rid of the nagging issue of your luxury phone. We will be back with our upcoming articles resolving many other of your technical issues in just a few simple steps.

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