How to make mobile not reachable with simple tricks

How to make mobile not reachable with simple tricks

Mobile phones are supposed to make keeping in touch easy, but what to do when you want no one to invade your privacy? Here are a few simple tricks to learn how to make mobile not reachable. It does not require any technical knowledge and can be done using materials of daily use like aluminum foil or by understanding certain settings of the mobile phone.

Various simple tricks of how to make mobile not reachable

Mobile phones can be made not reachable even when you are in the area with strong network connectivity. Listed here are a few simple tricks to do so:

1) Set the mobile phone to flight mode:

To make phone unreachable, you can put the flight modeĀ of the mobile phones on. This is one of the settings you switch to when your flight is about to start. So, when you want no one to disturb you, simply put your phone to the airplane mode.

2) Remove battery:

It is a simple trick for making the phone not reachable. You remove the battery but without switching off the phone and stay undetected in any network.

3) Try manual selection of network:

Go to settings and then to network. You may be asked to select between automatic or manual selection of network. So, select any network After choosing network for manual selection, wait for 10-15 seconds during which you will be shown various available networks within your reach; this makes your phone unreachable for a while.

4) Forward calls to landline:

This simple trick is quite simple to follow. You simply set a landline number for forwarding all calls coming to your number. Now if you make a call to your number, it will indicate phone unreachable.

5) Changing the network mode:

In android phone, you may find support for 4G LTE network. However, your network subscription may not be 4G. Setting the smartphone to 4G LTE network in this case can make your mobile phone not reachable.

6) Jamming the network:

This is done by downloading multiple files simultaneously. Trying to download as many files as possible in the slow network phone like 2G phone jams the network. So, when anyone tries to call your number, your phone will be unreachable to the caller.

7) Using signal blocker app from the app store:

In App store, there are certain apps like signal blocker that make it easy to stay invisible in your network. Thus, when you put this blocker app into use, your phone will appear unreachable to the callers.

8) Block the caller:

Your Android phone comes with block caller feature. Put the number of caller in the block list and next time, when the person tries to call you, your mobile number will be not reachable.

9) Wrap the phone in aluminum foil:

This trick works when you are in an area with poor network. The phone will become completely unreachable when you wrap it in aluminum foil in such area. This trick is also suggested to avoid hacking and misuse.

10) Eject SIM card from all-metal body smartphones:

In all metal-body smartphones, the SIM card trays are not beneath the battery. The SIM card ejector tool is used in these phones to take out the SIM. You also can do the same doing which requires the system to reboot. Thus, if you do not reboot, your phone will become unreachable for others.

So, try these simple tricks when you do not want to get calls during work or from the office during vacations. These tricks can help without evidently avoiding the people.

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