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Android keeps restarting!! [9 ways] How to fix this problem right now!

After a few days of usage, we all face android keeps restarting problem with our favorite smart phone. It’s hurt when you are doing important work,  call with your loved one, playing your favorite game and your phone suddenly restarting. There can be several issues for which your android keeps restarting. In this article, you will get to know to fix this trouble with just a few steps.

The Common 9 Ways to Fix Android Keeps Restarting Issue:

Of course you can follow the below steps that definitely helps to fix this android restarting issue effectively.

1. Unnecessary Application

Uninstall Unnecessary Application

After getting a smart phone in hand we usually install lots of software, most of them we do not need frequently. But we keep this all downloaded apps installed in our android mobile. Some of them run in the background, some of them required access to the camera, GPS and other high processing functionality of the device. For the over-processing issue, android keeps restarting.

if you don’t need those applications, uninstall them to make the processor work freely.

  • Firstly go to your setting
  • Then go-to apps settings
  • Switch to running apps
  • Find out which apps are running but you do not require. if that app is not a default app click on uninstall.

Note: Always download and install apps from Google play store.

2.Required app disabled

Required app disabled

By mistakenly if you disable your default apps then your phone might restart. Because to work properly your phone required that functionality which is getting from the disabled app. When it is unable to get responses it will restart again and again.

3.Battery loose

Battery loose

In so many devices it occurs when the battery gets loose. It happens on maximum removal battery phone after a few years of use. Check whether the battery pins connector is in the proper position or not. If not then fix them.

4.Low battery

Low Battery in Android

Make sure your phone has enough charge. Because If your phone battery percentage is below than required then it will restart again and again to remind you to connect the phone with charger.

5.Rom Issue

ROM issue in android smart phone

If you are using any custom ROM the issue may be for the Rom. Change the Rom or try another version of that Rom. it will be the best if you reinstall the default Rom. If you are not using custom ROM then there might be an issue regarding your Rom. Factory resetting can fix this. Make sure to take a back up your device before the factory reset.

6.System update

System update in android smart model

Do check if your phone is up to date or not. Due to the backdated system software version, you may face this issue.

So go to your android phone setting.

Then go to “About phone“.

Go to “System Update” &  check if there any system update available or not.

7.Heating issue
Heating Issue in Android Mobile

If you are using high processing games, apps or  GPS for a long time you will observe a heating issue on your android phone. And sometimes for the heating issue, android keeps restarting until it reaches normal condition/temperature.

8.Safe mode

Using safe mode in android

Safe mode lets you know if the problem is due to any installed software .so if you restart your phone on the safe mode and if your problem does not occur any more then the problem is for random software which you installed.

How to enter in safe mode?

  • Firstly power off your android device.
  • Then hold the power button when you see a model on your screen.
  • After that press the volume down  button  until safe mode appears on your screen.

How to exit from safe mode?

  • Hold the power button.
  • Then click restart.

Now go to your phone setting and then go to apps and uninstall recently installed apps. Hopefully, your problem will be fixed.

9.Factory Reset/Hard Reset

factory reset and hard reset for android mobile

On the other hand, if your problem is not fixed in safe mode and neither any solution mentioned above is not working properly then the only solution you can try is a hard reset. By performing a factory reset you will lose all your data store in the phone memory. Your phone will be the same as the day you bought.

How to Hard reset?

Hard reset is different for the different devices but maximum mobile will work on this method

  • At first Power off your phone
  • Then press power button + volume up/down button (you will get a new be redirected to recovery mode)
  • navigate to wipe data by (volume up and down button)
  • confirm by pressing the power button.

Within a few seconds, your phone data will be wiped and it will reboot once it is done.

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