User Not Found Instagram??? Why getting user not found?

User Not Found Instagram account and Why getting user not found

Instagram is the most trending and active social media now. While sometimes we face different issues on Instagram. And the most common is If we search for any user and as results we get users not found on Instagram. For the other social media, this can happen if the user block you but in case of Instagram the reason can be several.

Why getting “user not found” in Instagram?

User not found error message in Instagram Account

Reason#1 User might block your Instagram account

As like other social media, the reason can be for the users might block you on Instagram. If a user blocks you then you will no longer available to find their profile and updates on Instagram. if you have any doubt when user block your account or not, then you can search their same user name in another Instagram account. In case, user profile shows the other account, then that particular person was blocked your account. On the other hand, user profile doesn’t show in another account, then this also happened for other reasons.

Reason#2 Peoples change their Instagram user name

As a matter of fact, users can change their username time to time. so you are trying to search for an old user name that is not available anymore. The person changed the user name right now. In this case, you can search for the original name of that person. In the search result you can find them. Moreover, if you unable to find your friend account for their original name means you can ask help directly to that person.

Reason#3 You entered an incorrect user name

If you type user name incorrectly, you will face user not found issue. So before clicking on search make sure you enter the correct user name. Sometimes it’s hard to find friends profile on Instagram for just know their first name and last name. If you not sure your friend’s user name, ask help from others.

Reason#4 User disabled/deactivated Instagram Account

Although this may be true, some users may be deactivated/disabled for their appropriate Instagram account in some reasons. So that you are getting this “user not found” result. Because if anyone disable Instagram account, then Instagram team removes all the activities and data to that person till the person reactivate their own account. For this reason you cannot find your lovable person account and you can’t able to find any solutions for yourself. You can just wait for some days. As it may be 50 percent chance your friend can change their mind and come back strongly to reactivate Instagram account again.

Reason#5 User account was banned/suspended 

The user might be violated Instagram’s terms and conditions that why her/his account is banned by Instagram authority. In this case, you can wait for a few days. Because Instagram ban a user for a period of time after that they can access their account again. Sometimes Instagram ban users permanently in that case you will not be able to find the account.


So next time whenever you are getting the user not found Instagram make sure to check the above reason before you think that the user may block you.

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