How to delete all follow request on Instagram at once

How to delete all follow request on Instagram at once

Instagram works in a very mysterious way, If your account is private then it won’t let you accept you Instagram follow request at once. And if you want to delete those requests at once then you can’t do that either. Funny ain’t it. But as there are many reasons for Instagram to continue this feature, We need to find a way to make the platform work according to our needs, And that’s exactly what’s we are going to do in this tutorial blog.

How to check your list of sent follow requests on Instagram?

Before you delete all of them you can check if you follow any of them, And you don’t need to scroll through your feed whole day. There is a shortcut for this:

1. Firstly, open your Instagram app.

2. After that click on the Instagram settings.

3. From this list of settings options, you can click the “Security” option.

4. In further you can click on the “Access Data” that belongs to the “Data and History“.

Instagram security access data

5. Then find out the “Connections”, after you can click the “View All” link that belongs to the Current follow requests. (Here you’ll find also all the relevant people that are following you.)

current follow requests option

Methods to delete all follow request on Instagram at once

1) Go public & change back to private –

Instagram public to private

If you have stacked up thousands of Instagram follow requests and simply don’t have the time or energy to accept them all. Nor you want them to be in your Instagram feed for ages. Then a simple solution to this problem would be to go public. Going public automatically deletes all follow request, So once all the request is deleted you can then turn back you Instagram profile to the public to private. This is the closest you can get to this problem solution.

In case, if you don’t know how to change your Instagram privacy private to public then, you can refer my hide followers list article.

2) Use JavaScript for automating the ‘delete all follow request’ task

Step 1 – Open Google Chrome or Firefox web browser.

Step 2 – Afterwards login your Instagram account then visit this link –

Instagram Current follow requests lists

Step 3 – Click on the secure lock icon on the top left on the URL bar, And allow popups & redirects.

Step 4 – Then Right-click on your mouse, And click inspect this page option.

Inspect option Instagram account

Step 5 – A pop-up will appear, It’s called developer tools, You’ll find an option called console—paste the below link into it that console and run.

let i=0;

var unfollow="global";

var final="global";

var link=["link","link2"];

var proWindow=[""]



var ids = document.querySelectorAll(".-utLf");






Instagram console paste code and run

Step 6 –  You’ll see that many popups have been created with the number of your followers.

Step 7 – Paste the below code to delete all follow requests again in the same console tool.


unfollow = proWindow[i].document.querySelector("button._8A5w5");;

final = proWindow[i].document.querySelector(".aOOlW");;}


copy and paste the code in console

That’s it! your all current follow requests will be gone!

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