How To Increase Engagement Rates On Instagram

How To Increase Engagement Rates On Instagram

If there is one place, Where influencers rest. Its Instagram. In the world of constant distraction, Influencers crave for even the minuscule attention from their followers. It’s very normal for your followers to ignore your post without engaging with it. And if your followers are not engaging with your content, Then they are nothing but Zombies to you. You can’t actually utilize your digital assets for generating revenue. For that reason, I have created a comprehensive checklist that you can use to increase your engagement count within a week. So grab a cup of ice tea and let’s explore how to increase engagement rates on Instagram.

Does Engagement Rate Even Matter To You

I know this may sound a very obvious question, That’s why you are reading this blog, But I need you to ask this question to yourself. Does your business needs engagement? Or it’s just that your are running against a marketing jargon that you heard from your ‘marketing guru’. It’s necessary not to waste efforts if engagement rates do not matter to your business or personal brand. e.g if you are a cake shop owner, You don’t care what is your engagement rate at the end of the day, But you are interested in how many sales you made that day.

How to Calculate Your Engagement Rates on Instagram

If you are like me and want a one-click solution for this, Then there is a brilliant website that lets you check your engagement rates on Instagram for free. Here is a 3-steps simple process to calculate your Engagement Rates on Instagram.

1) Visit this Link

2) Enter Your Username (Make Sure Your Account Is Not Private)

3) Note down your engagement score

Instagram engagement score

How To Increase Engagement Rates On Instagram

Before we dive into the checklist, There are some holy grails that you need to satisfy.


Doesn’t click your mind, Let me elaborate further. Does your Instagram page has enough followers. You may ask what is enough, My definition for that would be enough to at least able to calculate your engagement rates. Because if your followers only consist of you and your grandmother. Then, my friend, you need to work on creating followers for your account. Not just any followers but niche Instagram audience that is interested in your account.


If you had any doubts that engagement rates have nothing to do with likes, Then you need to drop that idea as quickly as you can. Because the number of likes has a direct correlation with your Instagram engagement rates. So now that we have covered the core idea of engagement, Let’s us explore other ways to increase your engagement.

1) Use  #Hashtags

if I have to find a post that I would like to follow, Then In this zillion’s of Instagram posts, How come I find the relevant post. Here we make use of hashtags. If you are a twitter user, Then I do not need to emphasize, how important hashtags are to improve your visibility to others, Who are looking for content that you post. If you are not using hashtags, Then you are losing on more than 50% of your engagement rates. Until you are a celebrity with millions of followers, You need a momentum of the people’s hashtags to make your content visible to them. e.g if your Instagram account is about Motivation, Then you can use hashtags like #motivation, #discipline, etc.

2) Write Descriptive Captions

If you are posting a photo on Instagram, Don’t let your followers become ‘guess that pokemon’. e.g if you post an image of a cake, Write down a description of it. How does it taste?  Ingredients, And testimonials of a customer.  If you are a travel blogger then whiling sharing that beautiful sunset photo, Also share the location and little description, How does it feel? Some facts about that place. e.g You can only enjoy this sunset for only 3 months of the year. You don’t want your followers to skim through your post without spending some seconds on it.

3) Use Stories For Repost

Instagram literally copied stories from snapchat, And become a leader in this industry. Today stories are one of the most crucial parts of Instagram marketing. You can use them to re-post the same image again in the stories, In case if your follower has missed your Instagram post, There is a very thin chance they will miss the story as well. So using Instagram stories should be on top of your checklist. You can also use stories to post sponsor ads without marking them into your account permanently. Instagram even allows you to add third-party links like your website or sponsored ad.

4) Reply To Comments

It’s very uncommon to get a reply from a big celebrity. But when you are a medium size Instagram account you have the freedom to interact with your followers. When you reply to them in comments. They feel the dopamine rush in their heads. Now, you are not a stranger but a person that they know, At least virtually. This creates a bond that is so powerful that those followers will become long-term loyal followers of yours. It takes a few minutes to reply to your comments, But the effects that this produces is ever-long. So never miss on to an opportunity to reply to your comments.

5) Ask For Share

It’s not annoying to ask someone to share your hard work. You are providing value to them, Whether it’s entertainment or some information. You need to ask you audience in your stories to share it. If they are reposting your content, Then the reach of your audience will increase significantly. Because there is a high chance that people, That are sharing those content, Have similar people in their friend’s circle. It is a simple way to create detailed and niche-based followers fast. But you need to make sure that the content you are sharing is high quality, And useful to your followers.

6) Start The Dialogue

Just don’t keep yourself to virtual content (Animations or Graphics), But also share your own creations. e.g a simple 30-second video of ‘How to not burn your cake‘, ‘Travel tips for budget backpackers’. You need to make your face visible on your account, Let your followers know that the account is run by a human and not a robot. You can also share your day-to-day life through stories. DM people and thanks to them if they have shared your content on their account. You will make their day if you acknowledge their effort to share the content on their personal feed. These are some simple yet effective tips for increasing engagement rates on Instagram within a week.

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