Why Instagram won't let me follow__ How to fix it

Why Instagram won’t let me follow?? How to fix it??

If you are addicted to social media then I hope you know about Instagram. Instagram lets the user follow to their favorite person, crush, celebrities. So that they can stay updated with each post before anyone else. But sometimes Instagram won’t let follow.

Why Instagram won’t let you follow??

You can face this issue for several reasons like:

  • There is a limitation of follow, by means you can follow only 200 people in an hour. So if you extend the limit you will not able to follow more people on that day. Wait for 24 hours you will be able to follow again.
  • Maximum follow limit is 7500. So if you reached the following limit you will no longer able to follow more people.
  • If you use any bot or third-party services for auto-follow or auto comments. If Instagram detects these types of activities they will block you from following, commenting even they can terminate your account.
  • By mistake if you included that people in your muted follow list you can’t follow them.

What to do to fix it – “Instagram won’t let me follow”?

  1. Check that is it a bug or not. Make sure to check is there any updates available or not. Sometimes it happens due to bugs or if you are using a backdated app. It will be better if you uninstall the app and again reinstall it.
  2. change your connectivity. If you are using a WIFI switch to mobile data.
  3. Have you accessed your Instagram account from other devices? or anyone else also using your account?
  4. Log out immediately. IP change or activities on the same account at the same time can lead you to some action block.
  5. If the above-mentioned methods do not work You can try a different device. because sometimes Instagram block device IP address instead of account. Maybe you will able to access all the features.

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