How to delete sound cloud account

How to Delete Sound Cloud Account

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As a matter of fact, the Sound cloud is one of the largest platforms for music files. While creating an account on this platform you should know how to delete sound cloud account.

Of course whenever you create an account at any platform you should know how to close for the time that account is not required anymore. Likewise, if you have a sound cloud account the process to close the same is very important. Identically this factor is related to the user’s security purpose.


Closing the account requires very few steps to be followed by the user. To delete your sound cloud follows these steps-

Step 1- First up all to Open the sound cloud platform using any web browser and sign in into your account with the proper credentials.

open sound cloud in web browser

Step 2- On your account page there will be the three-dot sign on the right upper corner.

three dotted line in sound cloud

Click on that and you will get a drop down list having an option for the setting.

sound cloud settings

Step 3- After the loading of the setting page the delete account link will be visible under account heading. Click on the link.

delete account link in sound cloud

Step 4- Then you need to tell the reason why you want to delete and confirming your choice click on the “delete my account button” at the end.

delete my account button in sound cloud


After closing the account here you may delete the sound cloud app from your mobile. Even after this due to Google cache, your account link may still found in the Google search result. To get rid of this issue delete your user cache from Google to remove all your account traces from Google.


Finally after removal of your account from this platform all the data related to your account including all the music files you uploaded or promote or shared will be deleted.

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