My iPhone won’t let me delete apps!! How to delete apps?

My iPhone won't let me delete apps!! How to delete apps

By mistake or intentionally we install lots of unnecessary apps on our mobile. Even we don’t use them for a long  period. So it is better to uninstall them to save our phone’s internal memory. Sometimes iPhone and iPad won’t let the user delete apps. There may be several issues behind it. In this article you will get solutions for every possible issue you are facing while deleting apps from iPhone. And you will learn how to delete system Built-in apps from iPhone.

Why my iPhone won’t let me delete apps?

  • May be you trying to delete system default apps.
  • Apps are running on the background.
  • You disabled the restriction to delete apps.
  • Not enough memory for the apps update.
  • Network issues.

What to do when the iPhone won’t let the user delete apps??

As I mentioned that system default apps can’t be deleted but if you are facing issues with other apps then try these methods you will able to delete the apps.

Force to Restart your device

Some time apps stuck that’s why failed to uninstall the apps in that case you just simply restart your phone. Your problem will fix.

  • First up all press and hold the sleep button until you get “slide to power off” option on the screen.
  • Slide it right.
  • Then again hold the sleep button until you see the Apple logo.

Enable deleting apps on restriction

By mistake we often change our settings and forget to reset it back. So if you disable deleting apps on restriction you will no longer able to delete apps. To fix it:

  • Firstly you Go to settings.
  • Then navigate to “General“.
  • Then Go to restriction.
  • You can enter the password set for the restriction.
  • Next you can find out Deleting apps.
  • Enable it.

Deactivate 3D touch menu

On the iPhone 6s or the longer version apple introduces a 3D touch menu. If you hold and press for 2 sec3d touch menu will activate. So to get the “X” to delete apps make sure you pressed longer the 2-3 seconds. It is better to press for a long time until “X” is appear on the screen

Change your Network Connectivity

Sometimes due to network connectivity you may fail to uninstall the apps. Try to change connectivity. If your WIFI is turned on then turned it off and again turn it on after few seconds or instead of WIFI turn on your mobile data. You can simply turn on airplane mode and then disable it. This may fix your issue.

Delete using Settings

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Then navigate to “General” and then “iPhone storage“.
  • You will find all your installed apps there.
  • Find the apps which you are not able to delete from the Home screen.
  • Tap on that app.
  • And on the bottom you will get the “Delete App” option
  • Click on it.
  • Then select confirm.

Note: if you have IOS 12 or longer version you can use the Offload app feature. This feature uninstall apps from your device automatically when you don’t have enough memory space.

To enable this Offload app feature..

  • Firstly, go to settings.
  • Then navigate to “General” and then “iPhone storage“.
  • select Offload app.

By using iTunes

If you have iTunes 12.6 or earlier version installed in your computer then you can delete apps using your iTunes. Simply connect your mobile device with computer. Open iTunes and remove the app from iTunes.

Then go to the app library select the app and enter the delete key.

Is it Possible to delete Built-in apps from iPhone?

Built-in apps are so much useful but in some cases we don’t use them. So it is better without wasting storage delete them. Depending upon your device OS version you can delete Built-in apps from your iPhone.If you are using iOS version 10 or new, you can easily delete built-in apps from your device but for the iOS9 or earlier it is not possible.

But if you delete system apps you will lose all the user data stored on those apps. This can affect related system functions.

How to delete Built-in apps from iPhone?

As I said before you can only delete Built-in apps if you are using IOS 10 or newer version. So to delete Built-in apps :

  • Touch and hold on that app for at least 3-5 seconds.
  • Click on rearrange apps.
  • Simply Tap on X from the left corner of that app icon.
  •  Successfully deleted.

Alternative way…

  • Click on the App Store icon.
  • From the right corner click on your account icon.
  • Now Find out Updated recently. You will get all your apps listed there.
  • Next find out the app you want to delete.
  • Then swipe it to the right.
  • Click on delete.
  • Successfully deleted.

How to restore  deleted Built-in apps

  • Go to your app store.
  • Then search for the app with exact name spelling.
  • From the search result tap on the applications.
  • Click on restore.
  • within few seconds your will app will restore.

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