Know how to Delete Evernote Account Permanently

how to Delete Evernote Account Permanently

Evernote is an application to keep or share your notes from anywhere. It helps you to keep all your information in your hand so if you need to share it, you don’t have to waste more time in it.

In this era of advancement Evernote is not the only one who is helping you to store your notes. You can experience same facilities in the applications like OneNote, Bear or Google Keep. So if you liking another one of the alternatives and convinced yourself to say goodbye to Evernote learn how to delete Evernote account.

There is two possible ways to disable your account. Firstly you can deactivate your account and secondly you can delete it permanently. In the case of first one you can revive your account whenever you want.

Steps to delete Evernote Account Permanently:

When you are deleting your account from Evernote cloud remove all your data before deactivating the account. Evernote never removes any kind of data of yours itself. So follow the listed steps to do it in a proper way.

#Task-1: Deny the Evernote Subscription

If you are using any of the paid features of Evernote you must cancel the service before you go for delectation. Remove paid options as well.

deny the Evernote subscription

#Task-2: Remove all the shared notes

  • Go to the options and if you are having any notebook shared file with another account, hit the shared with me Clear all files from there delete note option.
  • If you are using the desktop version then right click on shared notes option from the option bar and hit the Leave notes/Delete notes button.

Evernote shared with me option

#Task-3: Delete your notebook files

  • Open notebook and go foe delete notebook option.

delete notebook option

  • In web version on desktop version the process of deleting the notebook file is little different. Open notebook file and go for the more options. Once done click delete notebook.

more option in evernote

#Task-4: Clear the Trash

  • You can clear the trash from the Empty trash section from Options.

empty trash in evernote

#Task-5: Clear Business Trash

  • If you are using an business account of Evernote then only you need to go through that process.
  • Go to the Admin panel and hit Trash Select all the files you need to delete and hit Delete button.

clear business trash

#Task-6: Raise a ticket to delete your account permanently

  • Think twice before you go for this step. It will remove your account permanently from Evernote cloud.
  • Go to account settings and log in your account. Choose the option Security Summary from navigation menu. Now click Deactivate your account option and your account has no longer activated.

deactivate evernote account permanently option

evernote confirm account deactivation

  • Sent an email to Evernote to remove your email from their cloud.

Now you know how you can delete Evernote account, so remove your datas and disable your account to say goodbye to Evernote.

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