How to read someones WhatsApp messages without their phone

How to read someones WhatsApp messages without their phone

It’s really convenient to have privacy for digital applications. Like Whatsapp, and Facebook. But there are times when that privacy could turn a nightmare for us. Many times situations occur where we are required to know someone’s Whatsapp information with out letting them know. If you are a parent then you would be concerned about kids’ connectivity. And would like to have a little control over his digital behavior. If you are in a relationship then you would probably want to know if your partner is cheating on you or not. In fact, there could a number of reasons, Where you want to learn how to read someone’s WhatsApp messages and other activities without their phone.

Steps to Spy Someones WhatsApp Messages and Other Information Without Needed their Phone  

For that reason, In this article, I’ll guide you step by step, How could you spy on another person’s phone, Of course with WhatsApp messages, You could also read call logs, And even control their mobile phone. Everything you do is completely legal. And doesn’t have any legal consequence.

1) Hoverwatch

Site Link:- 

As a matter of fact, Hoverwatch is a simple spyware app. That lets you monitor the victim’s devices. You can read SMS, Call Logs, And even access their location if they are connected to the internet. Retrieving contact details such as contact number, Telegram, And Whatsapp messages and call logs are very easy to know. Moreover, the best thing about this application is that the other person will never know such an app has been installed on their mobile phone. You can also remotely take a screenshot from their mobile phone.

How to install this app on your victim’s phone

1) Visit Play store and follow these steps

First up all you can open your victim device and go to “Play Store” application -> tap Menu -> select “Play Protect” -> tap Settings icon.

play protect option in playstore

Disable/ Turn off  “Scan apps with Play Protect” and “Improve harmful app detection“.

play protect settings icon

trun off application scanning in  play store android

2) Download the Hoverwatch App

Firstly go to the below Hoverwatch website link.

Click on the “Sign up free” button here.

Enter your email and set the password as per your wish and after click the sign up button to complete this process.

hoverwatch signup button

Once you have signed in with them. You’ll get an option for downloading the app; choose, The Victims OS, For i.e – Android for this tutorial. Click on the Download App link.

download the hoverwatch android application

Afterwards you can click the “Download” button here.

download hoverwatch apk button

3) Install the Application

Then Find the local APK in your download folder. If you are downloading a third-party app for the first time. Visit the setting, Apps, and enable unknown source installation. Anyhow, you can install and open this Hoverwatch application.

4) Open the app

Once the installation is successfully done then you’ll see a dialog box open with different options. Then you have to choose whose device you want to spy, Kids, Employee, Others. Make sure you tick the small checkbox, That says “Hide the Hoverwatch icon“. Because if you don’t then the app will be visible in the application menu.

choose the device and hide hoverwatch icon

5) Setup the app

Now that we are done with the hard part, Let’s quickly do the simple setup. After the dialog box gets closed. You’ll have a new legal services dialog box gets popup. Check the “I ACCEPT“button here and move on.

accept hoverwatch terms and condition

Then you’ll encounter choices for which options you want the app to spy. Choose whatever suits you, If you want everything just tick all the check boxes and click the “OK” button.

Logs to Monitor options

6) Enter You Hoverwatch credentials

Now that we are set up, the last thing is to enter our login credentials. This is necessary to connect your monitoring app with your victim’s phone. Enter valid credentials and after click on the active button here.

Hoverwatch signin screen

Afterward, You need to allow some dialogue boxes, Depending on your android version.

Allow permission hoverwatch android

Note:- Make sure you disable the battery optimization, That might stop the app from connecting to the server.

Allow permission hoverwatch android

7) Enable all permissions.

Then you have to face many dialogue boxes, That will ask for many permissions make sure you give all of them. And also change settings accordingly, Because many devices have their own security levels.

Allow permission hoverwatch android

Then you can enable Hoverwatch services(Sync Service) in android floating windows.

enable sync services

Hereafter allow some popup dialog boxes and then you enable “Sync service” for Apps with usage access.

enable app with access sysn service

8) Enable Device Administration

After giving permission to some security concerns of the android. The last step will be to give administrative permission to the app. Of course, this is the most important step of all of this tutorial.

You can fill the displayed captcha correctly and then you can click the “Activate” link here.

fill the verification captcha

activate and enable device administration

That’s all Hoverwatch application will start their process.  so that this app gives all your victims WhatsApp information from time to time.

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