How to watch snapchat stories anonymously online


In this article, We’ll take a look at How to watch snapchat stories anonymously online. This article will share with you simple tips to avoid being noticed when watching someone’s snapchat stories. You are not required to install any application or authenticate with some third-party website for this tutorial.

Snapchat is one of the most unique social media on the internet. It has given life to many apps and features to the internet. Instagram stories and Whatsapp Status are a total rip-off of the Snapchat concept. Due to this unique concept and amazing UI snap chat has become a new norm in our vocabulary. We do not call let’s make a snapchat stories; We say let’s create a snapchat. Because the app has made itself a reputation for creating amazing stories. And with the integration of augmented reality; Now we have zillions of new filters throughout the internet. Whether you want to become an elephant or have a long nose like Pinocchio.

These features have attracted young ones very eagerly. Because they do not shy away to look funny. Because of these great features, snapchat is still one of the best apps for creating stories on the internet.

How to watch snapchat stories anonymously online

Step 1: Firstly, Open your snapchat app and login with your username and password.

Step 2: Once, You are in the app. Now you need to visit the stories section. The stories section is located at the bottom right of your app.

Step 3: Now that you have visited the stories section, You need to refresh the page in order to load all the stories on your device. Wait for all the stories to be loaded properly. Then you can make sure you do not open any story during this time; Even of a person you do not intend to hide your viewing status. Because snapchat saves your behavior in the local cache file.

Step 4: After the snapchat stories are all loaded; Now you need to follow further instructions. After you have done all the above steps. Disconnect your mobile phone with any type of internet connection.

Note: Don’t just switch off your wifi; Because your phone may automatically connect to your mobile connection. The Best case for this would be to enable Airplane Mode on your mobile. This eliminates any chances of you being connected to the internet.

Step 5: Now that you are offline you need to again open your snap-chat app. And visit the stories section on the app itself;

Step 6: Great, Now when you visit the stories page; You’ll see that all the stories are preloaded and ready to watch for you.

Step 7: Now that you have all the stories loaded on your local cache data; You can view them fearlessly without being worried that the other party would able to know that you have watched their snapchat stories.

Step 8: After you have watched your favorite stories or all stories for that matter. Now you can close the application without any worry.

Step 9: Connect back to an internet connection. Either mobile network or wifi and then open the Snapchat app again. You’ll notice that the stories are still shown as not watched yet. This is one of the most famous tricks to watch snapchat stories anonymously online.

FAQ for Snapchat

Can I view snapchat stories of someone other than my friends?

No, It’s quite not possible to watch someone’s private stories. But you can create an account and send them friend requests and once they accept you can watch their stories.

Why does this trick work?

Snapchat stores all the user behavior such as likes, Views everything on their cloud server. And if you disconnect your connection then they can’t track you and your actions.

Is there any alternative?

No, Not at the moment. This is the closest you’ll get to watching anonymous stories on snapchat.

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