Find All Social Media Accounts By Email Free

Find All Social Media Accounts By Email Free

Today we’ll learn how to find all social media accounts by email free. Finding someone’s social media account just from the email is very crucial. Because many times we are looking for Our friends, Colleagues, and Potential Investors social media handles just from their email. And if you are on the same train as me, We’ll explore some methods to solve the particular issue.

1) ManyContacts Extension for Chrome

This is the stress buster for many people. Let me tell you about this magical tool. But before that let’s install this amazing extension. First, install the following extension from google chrome. And then you have the power of the extension. After this, Whenever you visit your Gmail Account, You’ll see all the social media accounts associated with the email account. What you really need to do is Hover your Cursor onto the names of people you are looking for social media handles. It just does not work with Gmail. But all the web pages on the internet. You just need to click on the extension for all social media accounts.

2 )

I have told you about the above web extension, It’s great but sometimes. We do not have the time for installing the extension and do all the above steps. We are looking for instant answers. Or maybe you are doing all this on your mobile device. For you, Lullar can be a great choice. Because It’s a web version of what ManyContacts do through extension. You just need to click on the search with a name or email button. And then enter the email you are looking for social media accounts. Once you do that, It will auto search for any queries about the profile.

3) Rapportive Chrome Extension

For HR managers the biggest pain is to find the right candidate. For that, they endlessly scroll through Linkedin for different job profiles. But when they did select the profiles. Through email, they need to do a background check for them. If not that but to see the previous work from the employee. For that reason, They are always on the lookout for the different Linkedin profiles. Rapportive makes the work a little easy, It exclusively goes through the Linkedin searches and finds the appropriate profile according to the email.

4) Use the manual search for social media

I know there are great extensions and tools for doing the exact same work. But we need to understand at the end of the day, They are just a bunch of code written by a programmer. And many times code has bugs. So you may miss some searches that you are looking for. But If you are doing everything manually there is no room for error. I’m not asking you to mindlessly do this all day long. But only do this for a few and important email accounts. Maybe your close friend, family, Boss. Just be conscious about what you are doing.


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