How to Extract font from PDF

How to Extract font from PDF

Have you found an exciting font in a PDF file? Do you want to use it for your writing? Do you know how to extract font from PDF?

This article will help you by guiding you the every possible way to extract font from PDF. As the PDF files does not allows you to edit the file by default. Though you can copy the text from some PDF files and use that font by pasting it in word. It happens when the font is available in word. Most of the time copied text holds the font style.

Extract font from PDF using PDF editor

Few PDF files does not allows you to copy text from it and also holds and unique and beautiful font style. In such cases you have to use the PDF editor websites or the applications. Here you have to upload the file and after processing you can make changes in the file and use the font as well.

To extract the font from PDF: CLICK HERE

Step-1: Firstly, here you have to upload the PDF file from which you want to get the font.

Upload a pdf file

Step-2: Hit the submit button.

Step-3: You will be redirected to another page that will contain the Zip file with the output.

output file is extracted in zip format

Step-4: Open the Zip file that will contain the font details that has been used in the PDF.

Zip file extrct and find font file for PDF formats

Step-5: Also there is few more websites and applications available to do the same to find them click the links below-







All of the above mentioned links do same task. They all fetches the fonts as a Zip file from where you can use the fonts. Also there is few applications available for that but for the single use I will recommend the online webs to do the same. But if the PDF contains any personal data I will recommend you to use the applications for that.

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