How to Fix Kodi couldn’t connect to network server Issue

How to Fix Kodi couldn’t connect to network server Issue

Kodi is the household name for watching movies and TV shows. But due to some unfortunate reasons, we are getting an error for Kodi couldn’t connect to a network server. This is a common error and can be removed very easily. I’ll share with you multiple ways to tackle this problem.

Even if you are facing this problem this will not affect your current movie and TV shows. But when you try to add-on more; then you are bombarded with the error Kodi couldn’t connect to a network server. It is quite annoying but really not a big issue and can be resolved with ease.

Methods to Resolve “Kodi couldn’t connect to network server” Issue

Method-1) Uninstall and Reinstall KODI

Step 1: Firstly, you can uninstall KODI from your device. To do so is very simple. Just head towards the icon of KODI and right-click. You’ll see a bunch of options; One that says uninstall. Click on the button and you are good to go.

Step 2: Now that we have uninstalled the KODI from our devices. You need to remove all the files and folders that are left even after Uninstallation. If you do not know the folder installation path; Just simply make a quick search with KODI Keyword in your file explorer.

Step 3: After uninstalling and deleting all the files in your device. Now you need to restart your device.

Step 4: Restarting your device will make everything as it was before; Now you need to install the KODI again. To do so just visit this link and click download for your device type. That’s all, after downloading just install it like any other application. Doing this will most probably solve your problem.

Method-2) Update Add-Ons

This is a simple solution that might solve your problem for couldn’t connect to a network server. Many times KODI automatically updates the application by itself. But there could be an occurrence that your application is not the latest version. And because of that, you are encountering the following error. We can try to update the Add-Ons on our own. To fix this issue. Here is a quick guide on how to update KODI Add-Ons.

Step-1: Firstly, visit the homepage of the KODI, And from there visit the ADD-Ons section.

Step-2: Once, You have visited the Add-Ons section then visit the My Add-Ons section.

Step-3: Get the sidebar from your remote or from your mobile phone connected through remote access. Here you’ll find an option to Check for Updates. Click on that and KODI will automatically install the updates on your device.

Step-4: Now you need to restart your device. After you have done all the above steps. You’ll get rid of that annoying error Couldn’t connect to a network server.

If the problem is still present then you need to follow this alternate method and I’m sure this will solve your issue.

Method-3) Use a VPN (Alternate)

Step 1: Visit the above link and download the free VPN for your device.

Note: There are paid and free plans for different needs; For us, we do not require premium VPN; Unless you plan to use it otherwise.

Step 2: Then after downloading and installing the VPN on your device. Now you need to change the location of your device. Make sure you change to robust locations like Europe or America for good server speeds.

Step 3: Then you can open the KODI again; Now you’ll see that the error that says couldn’t connect to a network server is gone. And now you can use the Software again.

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