31 best comment on girl photos and tips

31 best comment on girl photos and tips

Of course, comment can be sometimes very effective in building a human connection. While there are many gender-neutral comments; Like Nice Pic, Good Image. In addition, we can take a step forward and make a little more effect. For that reason, I have shared with you some of the best comments on girl photos and some great tips.

Before we start this article, I want you to understand that our goal is not to comment on something out of this world. But comment on something that might bring a smile to the other person’s face. It’s not about standing out from the crowd, But about making the day of the person, Who is reading your comment.

31 best comment on girl photos

lovely girl photo


1) The light shines but it fades when you smile.

2) It would be a crime in the land of good photos to not like this pic.

3) You choose to wear this color has made my day.

4) When you are afraid don’t think twice to look for your friends.

5) Your smile is not lava but it still melts my heart.

6) Forever you Forever me this line ends with WE,

7) It would be a lie that I didn’t wait for this Pic.

8) A true heart is the reflection of your eyes.

9) Even though I’m staring at my screen, I still shy away from it.

10) I could have added a thousand hearts (Love Emoji) but none will be bigger than yours.

11) You are perfect for me.

12) All these flowers but my heart only smells your freshness.

13) Gorgeous as you.

14) If I fought for the crusade I’ll bring my shining armor for you.

15) Stunning and ferrous

16) Your Boldness is my inspiration.

17)  A genric comment would be harsh punishment for this pic.

18) If there is any exam for cuteness, You’ll always make it in the topper list.

19) Whenever I see your photos, I have a different vibe in my heart.

20) Love is for people, You are an angel.

21) The confidence in you is what the world needs, In the time of deep insecurities.

22) I want to stare at my screen for 50 hours, But my battery dies after 10 (Laughing Emoji)

23) If there is one day left for this planet to end, I want you in front of me.

24) I know it’s hard to fetch your nails; When they grow like the bouquet.

25) Looking dope as always.

26) Kind of gross; But you are my crush.

27) I bless the lord that we met in school/college.

28) When I’ll ever have a genie, I’ll wish for your Instagram account.

29) Simple, sober, and cute.

30) I wish there was a competition for staring at the screen, I think I’ll win that.

31) I brace myself whenever I see your picture.

Tips for comment on girl photo:

1) Never say anything personal

Don't recall a personal moment in the comment

I’ve seen many people say a lot of personal conversation in the comment. But it is totally wrong. You may be comfortable speaking that topic in front of her in private space, Like School or Tuition. But saying in the comment can make things awkward for her. And she might not reply to your comment.

2) Don’t recall a personal moment in the comment

Never say anything personal

Another thing that you should avoid is don’t recall a personal moment in the comment. Moreover, many people think that striking a previous experience may excite the other person to start a conversation. But the same reason might discourage them to even respond to you. Because the incident that you are sharing with her, May not be known with her friends or some other person. Now after you share your thought they might able to know about your experience.

3) Avoid calling her with a nickname or some other names

I know this may sound a little prank or sometimes cute to call someone with their nickname. But you need to understand that she is in the public space. On the other hand,  calling her with those names can bring a little embarrassment to her. She might even delete you comment, So never call someone with their nickname in public areas, Like Social Media.

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