Top 10 best Font for PowerPoint Presentations

Top 10 best font for PowerPoint of All Time

I want to start this article with this quote “Good design adds value faster than it adds cost.” – Thomas C. It is so true in this digital age. With so much information at the tip of our hand, We can get overwhelmed with choices. For that reason, I’ve brought you a list of Top 10 best font for PowerPoint. That will make your next project super amazing. A good design is not something that comes out of thin air, It is an accumulation of carefully curated fonts, Colors, alignment. From Illustration to Typography; using the correct font is needed to build a connection with your viewer.

List of Top 10 Best Fonts used for PowerPoint in all of the time 

1) Garamond

As a matter of fact, Garamond is one of the oldest fonts in our history. It was developed by Claude Garamond in the 1500s. Since then many holy books and novels have to use the font in their writing. Before Claude’s work, Much of Europe use to just rewrite the text in the form they see. In simple words, they just copy the style from the ancient texts.

2) Helvetica

Of course, Helvetica is the versatile king font. You can use the font wherever you please. I know you have been using this and been getting a recommendation from your colleague. And it’s simply because of this clean and robust look of Helvetica font. It was designed by Max Miedinger & Eduard Hoffmann in the 1950s. And was popularized with numerous magazines. It is one of the best fonts for PowerPoint.

3) Palatino

Palatino font is the Italian calligraphy that will remember you of Rome. The creator of the font Hermann Zapf has driven inspiration from the Italian Renaissance period. Moreover, if you ever find yourself introducing an ancient Italian topic do not miss this one. The font was made in the year 1949. And since then its one of the favorites for adding royal typography to design.

4) Futura

In fact, Futura is one of the most amazing fonts and one of the most used around the globe. It was created by Paul Renner in the year 1924. Of course, it is great when you are writing a novel or making a text look slimmer and cool. The stunning design and artistic look is widely appreciated by many designers. Whether it’s On-Screen or In-Print this is one of the best fonts for PowerPoint.

5) Verdana

Verdana is a fairly new font. Even though it’s at least two-decade-old. But compared to the old-schools it’s new. The font was created by Matthew Carter in the year 1996. He created the font for the use of Microsoft. It is made specifically for this use of computers or digital screens. There are many designers who set this font as their default for creating a design.

6) Gill Sans

Gill Sans is the nostalgic font for many people. I don’t remember how many essays and poems, I’ve read in this font. Gill Sans was created by Eric Gill in the year 1920s. He himself popularized his work through his writing. Gill Sans is inspired by the original typeface of Johnston. That was created by Edward Johnston.

7) Segoe

Segoe is the Microsoft homegrown font. They have been using the font from their marketing to their apps and games. Its simplicity and beautiful calligraphy allows the designer to express simple and artistic design flawlessly. It is known that this is the most used on-screen font on the computer. And windows has been using this since the Windows Vista.

8) Rockwell

Rockwell stands in a very different place than many of its counterparts. Created in the year 1934 and Developed by Monotype foundry. It is the font of confidence and boldness. You may even use the following font to avoid adding a layer of boldness to your font. Rockwell speaks the confident and clear language; You can use it on many occasions.

9) Franklin Gothic

Franklin Gothic may instantly strike your mind with that familiar style. The font was created by Morris Fuller in the year 1902. Franklin Gothic was made in the honor of Benjamin Franklin. And since the first design of this font, The world has not looked back at the history. From schools to Colleges to workplaces it is the font of America.

10) Candara

Candara may not be the first preference of many designers. But it should be one. First created by Gary Munch in the year 2008. It is one of the most detailed fonts that you’ll use. The small details and designs really come vividly when viewed on-screen. It is Microsoft one of the best investment that has paid off in the past years.

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