Good comments for Instagram pictures

Good comments for Instagram pictures

Have you seen a found a beautiful photo of your friend on his Instagram wall? Do you want to appreciate but you are confused about what to say? Are you searching for some ideas of good comments for Instagram Pictures? This article will definitely help you to pick an exciting line for your friend.

Of course, people shares their moments of their life and filling of their heart on social media platforms in the form of picture or text. Instagram has been the most popular platform to reach people worldwide. Moreover, the user-friendly features of Instagram allow other peoples to react or give a review on other’s posts. As one sharing a photo of him or any scene then he or she expects a beautiful comment in the comment box. So you can get some exiting lines from this article that will help you to appreciate their Instagram photos.

The variety of photos you may want to react

As a matter of fact, there are various types of photos you can see on Instagram, like- a beautiful solo picture, a group photo with a friend, a drawing or other creation, a beautiful snap of nature, adorable pets, or launched or upcoming products from any brand and many more.

In different kinds of photos, you have to react differently. Sometimes you live a single word comment or a quote, and often you write a long paragraph to appreciate. But both may not the unique ones or do not look so cool. So get some idea to live some Good comments for Instagram pictures.

Single-word comments/ short comments:

  • Beautiful❤❤
  • Looking damn cute 👌👌👌👌
  • You are looking mesmerizing
  • Expressions on point. Loved it ❤👌
  • Super charming.
  • Heartwarming shot
  • Hottie😘💋💙
  • Divine present
  • Impressive one
  • Off! Inside out, you are beautiful
  • Made my day.
  • Cuteness Overloaded
  • Positive vibes everywhere.
  • Ohh! Gorgeous
  • It’s stunning
  • So adorable
  • A never-ending charm
  • A beautiful smile
  • 8th wonder
  • Artwork of god
  • Elegant picture

Single line comments:

  • Your beautiful soul reflects on your beautiful face.
  • I am thinking about how cute you will look looking when you will be sleeping.
  • It seems like; it is spring in your heart.
  • You are helping me to sound lovely
  • You are a divine presence of God.
  • It’s an impressive picture.
  • You are the only one person in the world who makes me smile.
  • Hey! What are you made of?
  • My heart is bouncing after seeing it.
  • Hey god! Stop me loving her/him.
  • If there is any 8th wonder it’s you.
  • You are a beautiful creation of God.
  • I am out of my mind, tell someone to stop me seeing this picture again and again.
  • Oh, it’s a rainbow inside your heart.

Little long lines:

  • I am out of my mind, tell someone to stop me seeing this picture again and again.
  • I thought the rainbow is the most beautiful thing in this world. Maybe I was wrong.
  • It’s the thing that locked my eyes. Last time it happened when I looked at the night sky full of stars.
  • Forests are the most confusing place where you can get lost. I don’t know how I lost myself by looking at the phone screen.
  • The sky was quite blurred today. Now I realized where the morning sun-rays got absorbed.

Funny cool comments:

  • Don’t spit here.
  • Hay! Cute monkey
  • Oh! Brainless beauty
  • Hi idiot
  • Which photo editor have you used?
  • God was drunk while making you.

It was some cool ideas to react to someone’s photos. Here we have provided some samples of good comments for Instagram pictures. You can simply copy it from here and drop it in the comment box or take the idea of how to appreciate someone’s post. This time your figures will not be shucked on the keyboard while commenting under one’s Instagram post.

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