Best Apps to Home Workout With No Equipment During Lock down

Best Apps to Home Workout With No Equipment During Lockdown

During this lockdown, we all are having plenty of time with no limits. We can start and learn many new things in this unexpected free time. And, there is no clarification about the end of lockdown like we have no idea when this ends and when those normal days start. So, already this is June 14(81 days of lockdown) but very few people like you and me are still following. So, getting into the topic, today, I am going to show the best apps to workout at home without any equipment. This covers total body workouts including arms, abs, lower body, etc. This is not a sponsorship to promote the below but, I am saying with my experience.

1) Arm Workout.

Play store link: Arm Workout – Google Play Store

Download the app and choose the intensity divided as Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Arm workout android app

If you are a beginner, you can make your muscles active and leaner by just following this app.

2) Height Increase

Play Store App Link: Height Increase

.height increase application

People who are thinking and searching for height growing techniques, this app will definitely help them. This works like a fitness trainer. Most of the workouts are stretches in the app.

3) Six Pack In 30 days.

Google Play Store Link: Six Pack in 30 days

six pack in 30 days application for playstore

This app possesses whole workouts targeting ABS. These are divided into 3 parts as beginner, intermediate, and advanced level.

If you follow any of the above for 30 days, you can lose minimum fat for sure. You will get a toned body shape.

From my experience after using 30 days, I feel the abs (little bit 6) built on my stomach.

And  I am sure that we can definitely lose fat.

4) Home Workout.

This app covers full-body workouts without any equipment.

Calves, abs, arms, chest are covered in these apps.

Leg workouts are more effective in this app. This app also has three steps as beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

5) Dumbbell Workout at Home.

Download link from play store: Dumbbell Workout

dumbbell workout at home app

This is the recent app from the leap fitness group. Dumbbells are required for this app.

6) Running app – Run Tracker

Running app in android

This app targets our abs and fat. Mostly, this contains hard cardio workouts.

Almost all of the above apps have female versions.

Have a look at the below link of the play store.

You can also synchronize your data with Google fit and restore it anytime in all apps above.

Female Fitness – Workouts -No equipment

All the above apps are absolutely free. There are also some apps that are good but paid. If you are willing to pay, go ahead with Centr, Cult fit, Muscle Booster, etc. They also have free trials available.

So, whatever you choose from the above. Doing with dedication and motivation.

Your failures (if any) should get faded. They shouldn’t hurt you anymore or make you regret it.

To keep all the data of the above apps, first, download Google Fit. You can track every app’s data like time spent, calories burnt, etc.

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