How to update Sony Bravia TV

How to Update Sony Bravia TV

Are you using a Sony Bravia tv? Do your TV is flashing a popup of software update? Or you want to check for available updates to make it done?

Maybe you are trying to update your Sony Bravia TV to smooth up the features. If you don’t know how to update Sony Bravia TV then this article will definitely help you to make it done. Updating your smart TV makes it smoother to use and improves internal features.


If you are trying to perform a firmware operation on your Bravia smart TV then you need to keep a few things on your mind.

  • If you are updating your TV directly using the internet then make sure that your internet connection should not disrupt during the process.
  • If you are updating your TV using a flash drive then make sure your device has sufficient space to store the setup file.
  • Read every single instruction carefully, otherwise, the software properties can be disrupted permanently.
  • Don’t disconnect the power supply while the update is under process.
  • If any channel recording is on then turn it off before updating the device.
  • Don’t press any unnecessary buttons on your remote. Strictly follow the instruction reflecting on your TV screen.

There are two main steps in order to Update your Bravia TV, as-

  1. Search for the available updates.
  2. Download and install the update.

How to search if any update is available on your Sony Bravia TV?

If your automatic software update option is previously on, then your TV will automatically fetch the update. If not then you have to search for the update manually. Here you have to search for the help option of your TV to update the software. Once you are at the home page follow the steps-

Step1: Select the help button on the top right corner of the screen. If your TV is not showing the help option, press the settings button from the remote and go to the customer support.

sony bravia customer suport

Step 2: Scroll down to the Customer support/product support option.

scroll down the customer support

Step 3: Select the Software update option.

software update option

Step 4: Select the network option (if showing). If you are trying using USB, select the USB option ( if you are not using the internet).

select the usb option in soni bravia setting

Step 5: Now your TV will show a popup to take permission for software download. If there is an update available then your TV will start downloading it. If there is no update version available then your TV will show a popup for ‘No Updates Available’.

check periodic update on your TV

How to update the Sony Bravia TV and how to download the setup?

There are two possible ways to install the update on your TV. One is choosing the network option which will use the internet to initiate the update and another one is using USB drive where you have to take the setup and upload it on your TV.

Update Sony Bravia TV using Internet

Android Models

If you are using a Sony Bravia Android TV then the whole process is quite simple. Here all you have to do is to turn on the Automatic Update, if it’s previously done. The device will automatically download the update and show you a popup to install the setup. Once you permit the popup then the system will take 15 to 20 minutes to update the system (you can also choose the update later option). Once done your TV will be restart with a new updated interface.

update and proceed the sony bravia

Other Models

For the other models it not also so difficult to firmware on Bravia TV. You just follow the steps we have shown to search for the update and say yes to the system by selecting the yes button on start update popup. After a few minutes your system will be restarted with the new interface.

Update Sony Bravia TV using USB flash drive

For doing so you need to download the setup from the Sonny Support website. for doing so follow the listed instructions-

Note: Save the update file in the root directory. Format the drive before you start the whole process.

Step1: Click on the Sony Support Website to download the setup. Once you entered the website select your region.

sony support website

Step 2: Now fill the search box with your TV model name and click on the search button.

fill the tv model name

Step 3: Then go to the bottom of the page and find your Models update. Follow the installation process from manual tab.

download sony bravia software

That was the small instruction on how to update Sony Bravia TV. Follow the do and don’ts we mentioned in the blog to make the whole process hassle-free.

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