How to Set up your Blank/Empty WhatsApp Status

How to Set up your Blank/Empty WhatsApp Status

You have often seen people putting WhatsApp status as “At work”, “Can’t talk, WhatsApp only”, “Urgent calls only” and many funnier, sad, normal status. Do you ever think of putting a blank WhatsApp status?

However WhatsApp do not allow to put a blank WhatsApp, but there are some tricks with which you can put it. The trick is WhatsApp do not support some of the Unicode characters. Putting one will show your status as empty. You can stand out of all and can attract more people to your status by putting a blank WhatsApp status.

As  a matter of fact, WhatsApp doesn’t support some of the Unicode characters. So that you cannot be used to put blank status here. In addition, this characters look like empty characters, white space or invisible characters. Of course, WhatsApp do not support empty space so you can never put empty status. In this situation you can see this Unicode characters to put blank status and amaze everyone.

How to Setup Empty/Blank WhatsApp Status

Unicode Symbol – ⇨ ຸ

Now let’s see the step of setting a blank WhatsApp status with the Unicode characters.  This steps will make your WhatsApp “About” section that appear blank to everyone. The complete step by step guidance is as follows-

Open WhatsApp About Section

Step-1: Firstly, Open the WhatsApp application in your smart phone.

open whatsapp application

Step-2: Then you can Click on the main menu or the three dotted icon.

Step-3: Select the “Setting” button from the drop down list.

WhatsApp settings option

Step-4: Then after you can click on the profile that will open it.

Step -: You will get to see the About section.

Step-6: You will get to see an edit icon beside the About option.

WhatsApp about option

Copy this Unicode Symbol ⇨ ຸ

Step-7: Click on the Current set to option and you will get Add About.

currently set whatsapp about

Step-8: Click on that, copy and delete your current status.

Step-9: Now you need to copy this  ⇨ ຸ Unicode symbols.

copy the Unicode symbols

Step-10: Paste the Unicode symbol in the about section.

add the Unicode symbol in about section

Delete the Arrow Symbol in WhatsApp About Section

Step-11: Now out of these two symbols remove the arrow symbol or character.

remove the left arrow in WhatsApp about section

Step-12: Now you will be left with the comma symbol ຸ. Click on the save option.

save the status of empty symbol in about section

Step-13: Now you successfully updated your blank WhatsApp status.

You can even put blank WhatsApp status by downloading some application from Play store. You will need to copy some lines from that app and paste it in you “About” section. This will show your WhatsApp status as blank. You can also set your privacy of status as nobody by selecting

Setting –>Account –>Privacy –> About –> Nobody.

Then your status will reflect as blank to everyone. So, this tricks will help to put Blank/Empty WhatsApp status for anyone.

If you are a android user then you have several options to apply this type of trick to put blank WhatsApp Status. However, these options are not available for the IOS users. So now you can set blank WhatsApp status that will be shocking so many of your friends and family.

You will come across many tricks but most of them won’t work. Hope that this amazing trick of blank about section will definitely work for you.


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