How to Unfollow Inactive Instagram Accounts

How to Unfollow Inactive Instagram Accounts

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Want more active followers? Using your Instagram account for promotion and advertisement purposes? Do you want to remove Inactive followers?

If you want to unfollow inactive Instagram accounts then this article is the right guideline you need.

Basically, there are a lot of inactive followers in your Instagram account that does not give any real value. If you are using your Instagram to promote your product or advertisement purpose then these ghost followers are of no use. This just adds up to the number of followers you have.

The ghost followers that you have will never like on your stuff, comment on your stuff, or will never see your post. Basically, they are inactive followers. So if you believe in quality rather than quantity then you can remove these inactive followers. To do this the first thing you need to know is that who are the inactive followers?

To do this there are two ways the first one is there are a huge number of apps available in the App store to identify inactive users. Secondly, you can manually go through all the accounts. You can choose whatever suits you. There are many spams or fake accounts that do not provide you any profit other than increasing your followers. The second process is quite lengthy so, it is advisable to go with the first option to identify the ghost followers. The app that will be recommended to identify the inactive user is the Cleaner for IG that you can download from Appstore.

The steps for unfollow inactive accounts with Cleaner for IG are as follows-

#step1- Download the app from Appstore. Give access to the app by clicking on “Allow” to make changes to the Instagram account.

Cleaner for IG app store and play store

#Step2- You can go through the terms and conditions. After which click on the option “Log in with Instagram”. Give your Instagram id and password and log in.

Cleaner for IG login

#Step3- The app will allow you to remove inactive and ghost followers separately. You can know about the difference between this by clinking into the Help center button.

Help center for IG Cleaner app

#Step4- Ghost users are those which have no activity in your last 50 posts and the inactive users do not post anything or inactive for the last 90 days. Go to the main page and click on “Quick select”.

Inactive IG users quick select option

#Step5- Click in to “Advance quick select” and choose between inactive users or ghost users.

Advance quick select option Select Inactive users option

#Step6– Select the inactive followers and click on action.

#Step7- You get the option of Blocking them. There will be another option for unblocking them. You can hit on the block option to remove them. Keep in mind that when you block someone and again unblock them the following did not come back. So be careful while blocking a follower.

Blocking and Unfollow option

#Step8- However, if they want to follow you back in future they can do so. After that click on start now. The app will start processing all inactive accounts at once.

Start now option cleaner for instagram

#Step9- Once it is done, the app will ask you whether to add them in the cloud queue or local queue. Choose a cloud queue to upgrade your app as this is the most useful option. Cloud queue allows you to do the action every hour automatically.

cloud queue and local queue option for IG Cleaner

So, now you know how to unfollow inactive Instagram accounts. If you want to make your Instagram account more engaging then you can follow these steps and remove the inactive followers.

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